CHAdeMO and Tesla Supercharger Maps – The Similarities Are Amazing

DEC 30 2013 BY MARK KANE 24

North America DC fast chargers or SuperChargers - December 2013

North America DC fast chargers (CHAdeMO) or SuperChargers – December 2013

The team is doing a great job listing a large part of charging points, including DC fast chargers – mostly CHAdeMO and Superchargers.

When we add two maps on top of one another – all quick chargers (with some Tesla Superchargers) and Tesla’s map with Superchargers, we can see  similarities.

First of all, both the CHAdeMO and Tesla infrastructure is growing in basically the same markets and not growing in the same places too.   Areas with many DCs must be epicenters of EV sales.

The biggest difference seems to be Tennessee where Nissan has a production plant.

Maybe next year Combo plug chargers will join the map with rollouts in similar locations?

Two Quick Charging Maps - Find Three Similarities

Two Quick Charging Maps – Notice the Similarities

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Both (roughly) correspond to heavily populated areas. It would be surprising if they differed much.

Very neat chart, thanks for sharing!

I live in the upstate NY corridor that follows the old Erie Canal route – Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany. It kills me that no one has given us quick chargers yet. Perhaps we’re next?

Cool map. In some ways they correspond but there are some big differences. Tennessee has a few million less people than North Carolina, yet has more chargers. Florida has more than 4 times as many people as Oregon yet has way less chargers. There are 26 states with more people than Oregon, but not nearly that many with more chargers.

I’m not surprised by the difference though. Public policy and EV adoption rates comes into play.

Interesting, and good article.

Huge thanks for separating “range-extending chargers” from “destination chargers”. Many articles just lump all chargers (Level1, Level2, & DC) together to maximize numbers without considering usage pattern.

Mark did you reference the Plugshare website, or a mobile App?
FYI: there are some limitations in filtering on the website; the App (iOS, Android) allows better individual filtering of SuperChargers vs CHAdeMO. (a few of newest Supercharger locations appear as CHAdeMO: eg: South Dakota on the website). Not a complaint, more a note for readers viewing the website maps, that the map is dynamic and changes daily.

Comparing to the 2014/15 Tesla SC map is also interesting as places like Kamloops, BC will be on a SC highway; now have a CHAdeMO charger. Will make for great redundancy for those Tesla owners getting a CHAdeMO adapter when it becomes available in 2014.

Nissan’s Nashville presence appears to have an effect on the CHAdeMO map.

…ugh, Mark pointed that out in the article, and now I can’t delete my superfluous comment. Sorry for the noise.

We have got to get more CHAdeMO chargers out to other well populated areas too – Minneapolis/Saint Paul Minnesota area has a grand total of 0, but yet a fair number of EV’s. Expand out the DC Chargers and I bet EV sales in those areas will expand to follow. L2 charging is great, but comfort on 50 to 100 mile drives in cold weather in a Leaf you’ll definitely need some DC Chargers.

Bring ’em on!!!!

For this overlay to be at all meaningful, you have to have an overlay showing population density. Both CHAdeMO and Superchargers maps could just be following the higher population areas.

If I’m not mistaken, you are comparing a map of CHAdeMO + superchargers vs a map of superchargers only. A map comparing CHAdeMO only vs superchargers only would be much more useful to show the contrasting areas.

Could you also add a map of all the GM / German auto maker Frankenplug stations? They must have taken over by now, based on the rhetoric for the last couple years.

Tony – the map was there, between the CHAdeMO and Superchargers. What, you missed it? You must have blinked. I swear the map seems to go blank for a split-second 😉

There is a certain correlation with blue states as well.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Like Texas?


Texas looks like a red state, because they don’t have that many in proportion to their 25 million population.

Aren’t a lot of the dots on the PlugShare site just repeats of the Tesla infrastructure? In that way, I would argue much of it will look similar because a statistically significant percentage are identical data points.

You can use Recargo’s site if you don’t want to see the superchargers.

And I see you can uncheck Tesla Supercharger on Plugshare.

Great…. we’ve built twice as much infrastructure as we need in almost the same place, or made the same infrastructure twice in the same place whilst not building any in other places that desperatly need it, if there are men from outer space watching this is just what humans do. Once the infrastructure is finished in triplicate we’ll spend the next 50 years trying to standardise it. That process will be completed in time for the role out of the next technology.

Plugshare, plugshare! That’s the name of the really decent charger map…that I always forget because many times when I go there it’s so slammed I don’t get any response. Argh. says plugshare is just down for me 🙁 It’s been incommunicado from my work for months and months. Stupidly random site block (intentionally or not)…

@Anderlan, email us and we’ll troubleshoot from our side.

You forgot to show the map with the CCS chargers! Oh wait, there’s like 4 of them…

It’s not accurate for my state. We have one CHAdeMO that recently opened and two Tesla supercharger sites. However you map shows all three as CHAdeMO. When you dig into the plugshare options you can turn on/off the different plug types.

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