C’est Fini: France Aims To End Gas, Diesel Car Sales By 2040

JUL 7 2017 BY MARK KANE 19

Formula e Renault e.Dams R.S.16 and ZOE e-Sport Concept in action

French environment minister Nicolas Hulot has plans to end the sale of diesel and petrol vehicles … by 2040.

Plug-in car registrations in France – May 2017

Hulot isn’t the first environmental minister that would like to finish off ICE vehicles (see Norway, Netherlands, India for example), but in the case of a zero emission electrical grid in France – planned to be carbon neutral in 2050, it would be a great combination.

Currently, plug-in passenger vehicles in France hold only just 1.2% of the market (details), while traditional hybrids make up 3.5%

Heading up to 2040, the situation should improve step-by-step as new taxes on gas and diesel vehicles are considered in France, while special assistance will be given to those who need help moving up the ladder to get into a plug-in. Diesel is especially under fire of late, since it turns out that it’s more polluting than was originally thought.

While the end of conventional cars in 2040 is really too far away to take seriously (unlike Norway’s resolve to be all plug-ins by 2025, and already standing at a 42% new car market share in June), here is some good news: 1,882 new ZOEs were registered in June – the third best result ever (and near the record of 1,980 registrations in March).

As one might expect, Hulot found a way to work in US President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate change agreement last month, saying his decision and France’s renewed commitment to the environment was a factor in France’s new plan.

“France has decided to become carbon neutral by 2050 following the US decision,” Hulot said, while noting the government will step up to make the target a reality.

The French minister also said that France will stop issuing new oil and gas exploration permits this year, and will also end the use of coal for electricity production by 2022.

source: Reuters, BBC

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Good NEWS for breathing entities that like fresh air! This should make urban/metro vehicle pollution a little more tolerable.

2040… let’s not set our goals too high France…..

Are you ironical? What do you mean? This is far better than almost every other nation on Earth. And France already has a car fleet that uses about half the energy per passenger-km as the US one, so Trump-land residents have very little reason to throw the first stone…

India: 2030.
Germany: 2030 (but didn’t no pass).
Norway: 40% of new car were EVs in 2016.

EV production should surge exponentially as Tesla succeed, and push ICE makers to accelerate their transition. There will soon be no reason to not by EVs, once price will be aligned to ICE.

This year, I hope the BEV will reach ~30,000 sales.
When in 2015, I told to others that if in France we can reach 50,000 sales of BEV in 2020, it would be great. People laught at me.
The market in France is ~2.2 millions cars per year. The market won’t even rech a quater million cars per year in 2025.
So 100% market without ICE, means 100% of BEV and 0% PHEV.

Tres bien, mais 2040 plus tarde!

According to some futurists, all new cars will be EV by 2025. So, having all cars sold in France be non-ice will happen anyway. Way before 2040. New ICE cars simply won’t exist.

Banning all new ICE delivery and transport trucks is a bigger problem. 2040 may be a stretch. That’s only 23 years.

No, that is an easier problem. The transportation sector is all about cost.
As soon as total cost for electric transportation vehicles are substantially lower than their ICE counterpart the transition will be very fast.

Unlike private cars that are bought with little regards to economy but with focus on image, performance, specific brand loyalty etc.

You will soon see what I am talking about in the buss sector.

Indeed. Reminds me of the warning addressed to legacy truck brands about Tesla entry (article published here).
Tesla counts on low maintenance costs and performance. Driving trucks that can go uphill easily will be a good seller.

I would certainly ban sales much earlier when it comes to grass mowers, chain saws and other garden polluters. People are still buying those noisy non-catalyzer equipped systems. Same for motorbikes by the way or diesel trains. It’s about time to stop using those.

I do agree with you. But people are addicted to noise and smoke (BBQ) …

2040 is a long ways away, but no more exploration licences for oil and gas this year, plus no coal for electricity by 2022, are much nearer accomplishments.

Oh look! A politician is making a speech!


Bill Clinton was president 23 years ago. Please tell me the things he can do today to affect change in the present, with Trump in the White House.

I’ll wait.

See, when a politician makes a promise like this, it means exactly nothing. It’s far in the future, well after that politician’s term limits expire. Moreover, in a week, you could ask anybody who was *present* at this speech about any of its content, and almost nobody will actually remember anything.

23 years from now? You seriously think that if the administration in power at that point in the future doesn’t want to implement this, that they will?

France’s president knows this too. That’s why he did this. He wanted the publicity today, so he made vague promises about something happening someday far in the future. If he said “4 years”, then I would believe him. He didn’t. It’s nothing but hot air.

“Bill Clinton was president 23 years ago. Please tell me the things he can do today to affect change in the present with Trump in the White House.”

You ask the wrong question. What did Bill Clinton do vis a vis EV’s and climate change in the eight years he was president to affect the present?

Quite a bit is the answer. Clinton is ranked as the 4th best president for the environment.

And you go nowhere without setting goals and working towards them. Maybe you reach them, maybe you don’t but you work towards them and Clinton’s records is excellent.

As for Trump, Clintons and Obama’s progress makes it hard for Trump to undo it. Obama’s loan that saved Tesla for example. Trump can’t undo it. And whatever setbacks we have under Trump, because of the progress forward by Clinton and Obama, those setbacks we hurt a bit less and the recovery from them shorter.

So good on France and Macron and Hulot for setting good goals and doing their best to reach them.

The blatant airbrushing of the buildings in that picture drives me crazy. Look at the white “halos” surrounding the two builds and the Eiffel Tower.

I figure it was the sky that was retouched.

This is a bold announcement by the French and great awareness for EV’s worldwide. I do often wonder how often these “targets” are kept though or are they simply just a great headline. Fingers crossed it is achieved.

“France aims to vehicles using electricity generated by nuclear power also with its very old unsafe nuclear power plants”
-> Roughly 3/4 of the electricity produced in France…


2040 = 2050, or more. Kinda like legacy manufacturers constantly saying, “2-3 years from now we’re releasing our BEV…” All the while 2-3 years slips by and then it’s rinse and repeat.

22 years??? A mere 10 years ago Tesla wasn’t even on the radar. Electrics were a fantasy, look how fast tech moves. 22 years?? Good job, France..