CEO Andy Palmer Discusses Aston Martin’s Electric Car Plans – Video


“Aston Martin Chief Executive Officer Andy Palmer talks about the automaker’s prospects for developing an electric car and the luxury sport-utility vehicle market. He speaks with Matt Miller and Olivia Sterns on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

One point we’d like to make clear is that Aston Martin had zero electric car plans prior to the arrival of Andy Palmer. Now, with Palmer (a strong electric car support) at the helm, the automaker seems to be swaying towards the plug. Shows you what the change of a single person can do.

Andy Palmer Discusses Aston's Electric Car Future

Andy Palmer Discusses Aston’s Electric Car Future

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Well they already have a gas version of the Telsa Model S, might as well make an electric version too.

…Silence Is “GOLDEN” EV”s Eliminate Both.., CARBON & NOISE Pollution….No-one Ever Talks About “NOISE POLLUTION” Yea ….Because They Are Still Living In the Middle Ages …0h They sound Soo Nice! “ALL THAT NOISE”
….The “Tesla Martin” The “Aston Tesla” 0h Yea….They Make Beautiful Tesla Copy Cats ….L M A O

Model S is Rapide esque…

Andy Palmer is a believer. Love to see him as CEO of a more mainstream manufacturer.

As for copying, Tesla definitely did a good job knocking off Aston Martin. No idea if this was intentional or not.

they souldn’t go for the electric ride ,two far behind.this is tesla ground,there market .the superchargers are already covered a lot of ground,only giant car companys can catch up.good ceo ,bad company!

of course they will, all car makers will have to sooner or later…
The wise move should be announcing that they are the first to partner with Tesla’s open SuperCharger network.
This would give them a lot of publicity and peace of mind for their customers’

for such a small company (yes sir!)+1

Agree…perhaps their best move would be to buy the Tesla chassis and build a body over it.

Let me get this right Aston should by a tesla and just put a body kit on it? The only thing they haven’t proven them selves on is the batteries and the electric drive train, even there they’ve played with a V12 hybrid and a FC car. Prodrive are also close to Aston who have been messing around with ev’s since the early 2000’s. They might be a long way from first to market but if Aston do make a BEV or a PHEV it will be pretty compelling.

Tesla is a great company but the idea that everyone else is an idiot is just non-sense.

Aston Martin is essentially a coach builder. They buy their powertrains and major electrical components from AMG-Mercedes Benz.

Elon said they could do a Model S with 500 mile range but it would be too expensive. Maybe a $50k premium over an 85D.

Aston Martin should build that car with Aston Body work and interior. Supercharger enabled.

This. Is. Such. A. Good. Idea. It. Is. Not. Even. Funny.

It actually, seriously makes sense. And it saves Aston martin the expense of building chargers. While maintaining exclusivity of the brand. It would be bad if Aston Martin owners had to make do with the chargers of other, lesser cars.

That would be great to see wall street banksters driving Aston Martin BEV.

Build an EV Aston Martin and have James Bond use it to stealthily & silently follow someone.

I would pay to see that movie. bond sneaks up quietly in his EV. His pursuers have no idea that he is coming.

And, with the front trunk space, he can hide more powerful weapons than machine guns in the hood.

It is so nice to see Aston Martin talking about making an electric car. The only question is, will it look good?

Aston Martin doesn’t make cars that don’t look good.

Yeah, design tends not to be their problem. Good engineering and an affordable price though . . .

Aston martin is not for the 99%.

And don’t they lose money on some of their models? Not sure. Or maybe that’s Bugatti.