Cenntro Motors’ Kombi EV To Enter Production This Summer


Cenntro City Version

Cenntro City Version

According to Las Vegas Review-Journal, Centro Motors soon will begin production of electric utility vehicles in Northern Nevada, where the company will get $1.2 million in property tax deferrals and training grants as incentive for the move.

“Marianne McInerney, executive vice president of Cenntro Motor, told the Governor’s Office of Economic Development board Thursday that the first Kombi EV vehicle would roll of the assembly line by late August or early September.”

“The company will offer 100 jobs and is moving its corporate headquarters to Sparks.”

Governor Brian Sandoval stated:

“I’m thrilled about this. This is a great company that is going to do nothing but grow.”

First goal for the $20.1 million: 150,000-square-foot production facility in Sparks to produce 1,650 EVs by the end of this year!

In their offer we see two models, the enclosed City Version and Green Space Version, both equipped with 12.5 kW KLD motors, Sevcon controller and 6.8 kWh battery pack (Samsung 18650-R-20 cells). Such set up is good for up to 50 miles range, 25 or 31 mph top speed and 0-28 mph acceleration in 8.5 seconds. Payload is limited to 800 lbs.

Green Space Version & City Version - spec

Green Space Version & City Version – spec

Cenntro Green Space Version

Cenntro Green Space Version

Cenntro Green Space Version

Cenntro Green Space Version

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

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Love the vw bus look. How bout a highway capable camper with a pop top. :).


Looks like a Tata Ace with a hint of a VW mini bus.


246 MPGe; that’s 7.69 miles per kilowatt-hour. That’s really efficient. I assume that this vehicle is mostly used to move things around a single site (like maybe Stanford campus. 🙂 ). I bet it’s sized so solar charging will be very cost-competitive.

Mark C

I agree with the solar charging part, especially since it’s a 48V setup. I found some 130w rated output solar panels that were small enough to fit a pair of them on the top of the City versions cargo box or on a ladder rack setup for the Green Space model. Trouble is, at 260w, I would only expect and annualized average of about 1 kWh of sun power to go into the batteries daily. Would make a great conversation starter. Of course, I’m sure you meant solar on the roof of your house. In that case, ~ 1500w rated solar would provide ~ 6.4 kWh daily. That should be enough to do a full charge every day {on average}.

Mark C

Since this is a truck, I wonder if I could get by registeriing it as a farm vehicle? That would get me the 31 mph top speed Green Space model and allow me to drive it into town. As a NEV, I couldn’t legally drive it to town since I have about 6/10 of a mile of 45 mph speed zone I have to navigate before going into a 35 mile zone the rest of the way.


If it’s going to look like that, I foresee lawsuits in their future.