CCS Combo Exceeds 2,000 Installed Chargers In Europe

APR 14 2016 BY MARK KANE 25

CCS Combo inlet and plug in Europe

CCS Combo inlet and plug in Europe

The number of CCS Combo chargers in Europe has increased 10 times over the past two years to just over 2,000 in total according to CCS Charge Map.

96% of those chargers are confirmed as open 24/7, and we believe the majority of those units are also equipped with CHAdeMO standard-plugs and/or 3-phase AC type 2.

Power output typcially across this first wave doesn’t exceed 50 kW.

The CCS Combo alliance intends to develop and introduce 150 kW power level DC fast chargers, both in Europe and North America, to enable long-distance travel shortly.

You can see the CCS Combo locations here: CCS Charge Map

2000 CCS chargers installed in Europe (data source: CCS Charge Map) - early April 2016

2000 CCS chargers installed in Europe (data source: CCS Charge Map) – early April 2016

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And the USA . . . . ?

Good question. Now I’m glad I’ve been keeping track of all fast chargers added to PlugShare. My count for CCS brings us to just over 500 in the US.

I was thinking the same thing…

Read the headline?

“CCS Combo Exceeds 2,000 Installed Chargers In Europe”

see the Europe there?

The actually interesting but missing information would be, how many of these chargers are already fast charging ready. I expect not many.

I checked my native Germany recently, and a whole 1 (!) charger was “ready for 150kW charging”, just that it was actually still running at only 60kW; most others are 50kW and ChAdeMo, not CCS. So far CCS is lagging tremendously.

This significantly impacts charging times and thus the viability of EVs. Anything less than the Tesla level of 120kW charging power/speed is not a viable contribution to a network of regional/national roads. A 22kW charger or 50kW charger may be a contribution towards a destination/home charging network, but for overland travels, a 150kW network is essential for making EV diffusion viable.

It seems, that of the many map providers on the web, only few incorporate the information: plugsurfing and plugshare do, though. The CCS people would serve their puporse better, if they added this info!

It should be more than 1 in the whole Germany. For example this one:
This charger model can be upgraded from 100 kW to 120 kW by adding extra block. has a pretty good map for german chargers with information like charger currently down or so.

How many EV’s in the US can charge CCS?

Well if you are asking how many models, there is the GM Spark EV (limited distribution), the eGolf, the BMW i3, and . . . . I think that is it for now. 🙁 (I assume the Chevy Bolt will have it.)

Dishonorable mention of notable non CCS cars:
-Fiat 500e – talked about being DC fast-charge ready when released. Never added DC fast-charging. Fiat/Chrysler is a member of the SAE-CCS crowd.

-Ford Focus Electric – Also a SAE-CCS member but hasn’t added the port to their car.

-Mercedes B-class EV – Also a SAE-CCS member, but hasn’t added the port to their car.


Somewhere around 15,000 BMW i3s (CCS standard in 2015), 4589 VW e-Golfs (CCS standard), and a portion of 4920 Spark EVs (CCS optional.)

So in the neighborhood of 20,000 to 22,000 EVs have CCS in the US.

If the Bolt sales well there should be ten times that number of CCS cars in US by the end on next. I hope Tesla adds CCS chargers at the supercharger stations in the US like they are planning to do in Europe.

I think the only reason they will do it in Europe is because the EU is forcing them to.

This is the wild west where we don’t let our government force many things upon our companies. :-/

Tesla is merely complying with German law to have a CCS charger at Tesla Supercharger stations in Germany.

Anything exceeding that requirement is pure speculation.

They are planning to do it in Europe if local governments force it. Nobody forcing them in the US.

I have not heard anything official about Tesla adding CCS to their Superchargers.

Tesla is required to add CCS-Combo2 in Germany.

I see. Thanks for the info.

Regardless of why CCS chargers are being installed at Supercharger Stations in Europe, it makes a lot of sense for Tesla to start installing CCS chargers at Supercharger stations here in the US. Here are the reason I say this:

1. As charging wattages increase adopting a common charging standard will allow Tesla to avoid paying for development of an advanced charging standard all on their own.

2. Allowing other manufacturers vehicles to charge at the Supercharger stations would make the Supercharger stations far more profitable.

3. CCS chargers at Supercharger stations would be in line with Elon Musk’ stated goal of supporting the development of electric vehicles and would be good for the country.

So – you would like to drive your Bolt or i3 up to the CCS Station, Plug it in, and wait….While a Tesla Pulls up beside you in their Model 3, Plugs in, takes a quick pit stop, and comes out, unplugs and drives away … While you are still waiting on your Bolt or i3 to Charge up?! Nice!

Seems like there are far more “demand” in the Europe with more CCS cars than in the US.

Once there are enough cars in the US, the demand will sustain the pressure on more CCS stations.

Looks like Hyundia/Kia are switching to CCS in the US and EU at least…

Wow, the infrastructure is coming really strong! Give it another 2 years and Europe will be completely covered. That’s another counterargument to scratch off the list then. What’s left?

1. Not enough range? Affordable-ish 200+ mile cars are just around the corner.

2. Charging too slow? Ok, 150 kW charging is slower than filling a car with gas but does it really matter that much?

3. Cars are ugly golf carts? Tesla, need I say more?

4. Cars are expensive? Well sure, even at $35k it’s still a lot of money for many people but prices are dropping fast. We have to wait a little longer for this one.

We’re moving in the right direction and we’re going fast.

Yeah…America needs to catch up to Europe…

Yup. Once there are plenty of affordable models of EVs at around 200 mile ranges, and reliable 100 kW+ fast charge infrastructure, we will be at mass adoption. 2020s is being called the decade of the electric car. Things will look a lot different in 10 years from now.

I live in the south of Spain and the nearest ccs combo fast charger is in Madrid (500 km away). They have a lot of work to do befor i decide to buy a car with a ccs combo plug.
At the end of the year Tesla promised to have several superchargers in the south of Spain, so i ordered a model3