VIA Motors Launches Discount Voucher Program In Chicago

VIA Motors announced the launch of an exclusive voucher program for the Chicago area’s fleet and business owners on top of the $7,500 tax credit. “To offer additional assistance to Chicago commercial buyers, VIA Motors has announced the Drive Clean Chicago voucher program. To be eligible for the Drive Clean…

3 years ago by Mark Kane 8

VIA Motors Receives EPA Certification For eREV Van

VIA Motors announced that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified VIA’s eREV Van – the latest series plug-in hybrid (called Extended Range Electric Vehicle) on the market. This EPA certification does not include EPA range ratings or MPG data.  Rather, it’s the EPA signing off on VIA’s EREV van, thus…

3 years ago by Mark Kane 39

Production Version Of VIA EREV Shuttle Van Debuts

In full-size vans, there’s the commercial-use work van (no seats and usually no rear windows) and there’s the passenger hauler (rear seats and windows).  Often called a shuttle van, VIA Motors recently debuted this version in production trim at the Edison Electric Institute Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Some…

3 years ago by Eric Loveday 16

VIA Motors Acquires Prodigy Engineering, Gains Cooling Tech

VIA Motors has taken an important step in becoming a electric vehicle maker this week as the company has announced it has acquired Prodigy Engineering, and internalized their engineering team.  Prodigy had been under contract to design and prototype models for VIA. As part of this deal VIA will gain…

3 years ago by Jay Cole 3

VIA Debuts 35 Mile Extended Range Work Van With Remote Side Doors

Thanks to a little snafu getting access to GM’s latest Silverado to convert into 40 mile extended range truck (a change in chassis delayed VIA’s launch by 12 months), VIA Motors instead launched an extended range Chevy Express conversion in its place – the VTRUX Van. That vehicle entered production last November at the company’s assembly…

4 years ago by Jay Cole 13

Bob Lutz Takes Over As Chairman At VIA Motors

Times are changing fast at VIA Motors. With production recently underway on VIA’s extended range products in Mexico, a new President installed just two months ago, VIA has now appointed a new Chairman of the Board. …none other than Bob Lutz – who just celebrated his 82nd birthday on the 12th of this month….

4 years ago by Jay Cole 36

Via Motors Shows Off Integrated iPad In-Dash System

VIA has a new in-dash system to show off… …but before we get into that, we should note that although the VIA extended range truck, van and SUV are about equal in cost to a well equipped Tesla Model S, their new in-Dash electric vehicle control system is not at all alike. However, considering the originally shown…

4 years ago by Jay Cole 15