Tesla Semi

Possible First Image Of Tesla Semi Surfaces

This may be our first real look at the highly anticipated Tesla Semi, though perhaps it’s a fake. The embedded image above is photoshopped, no doubt about it. But what you’re seeing is the aero top portion photoshopped onto what’s believed to be the actual Tesla semi (link to original…

3 weeks ago by Eric Loveday 16

Siemens To Build First Electric Highway For Trucks

The German state of Hesse has commissioned Siemens to build its eHighway, an overhead contact line for electrified freight transportover a 10 km (6.2 miles) stretch of the A5 autobahn. It will be the first such project in Germany on a public highway. Powering hybrid trucks through a pantograph on the trucks…

1 month ago by Mark Kane 30

Toyota Project Portal Hydrogen Fuel Cell Semi Truck

Traditional Semi Truck Makers Face Extinction If They Don’t Go Electric

As the plug-in light passenger vehicle market expands, electrification is now creeping into the trucking segment … and established commercial truck manufacturers are already feeling the pressure of upcoming disruption to their business.. Popular industry website notes that Navistar, Paccar, and other traditional companies risk obsolescence if they don’t begin developments…

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Einride T-pod Self-Driving Electric Truck From Sweden

In the heat of an electric truck race (with Tesla as a contender, Daimler in the business, Nikola with a electric-hydrogen hybrid semi, as well as more recently Cummins announcing itself with a new prototpye), a Swedish company – Einride has come up with the T-pod concept/self-driving truck this Summer. It’s…

2 months ago by Mark Kane 7