Report: Tesla’s Design Is Light Years Ahead of BMW, GM, And Nissan Because Of “Ground-Up” Design

TESLA DESIGNS THEIR ELECTRIC VEHICLES FROM THE GROUND UP; BMW – NOT SO MUCH One distinct competitive advantage often considered for Tesla is the company’s complete commitment to an electric vehicle future. Their cars don’t sacrifice anything in the design process — they’re built from the ground up to take advantage of a wholly unique electric vehicle architecture….

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This Might Just Be A Tesla Semi Mule – Video

This super-quick electric semi is more than likely a Tesla Semi test mule. Yes, it could be any semi right? Well, first of all, it’s almost surely electric. You can hear the brakes and other vehicles in the area, but when this “beast” accelerates, it’s not only ridiculously silent, but…

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Be Wary Of Legacy Automakers Touting “Electrified” Cars

BIG AUTO’S LATEST BAIT-AND-SWITCH: ELECTRIFIED VS ELECTRIC CARS There’s still a lot of confusion about the different types of electrified vehicles out there. National newspapers regularly mix up hybrids such as the Toyota Prius with pure electric cars such as Teslas. Government agencies and academics serve up an ever-growing alphabet…

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Tesla Model 3

New Tesla Model 3 Accessories Become Available

As Tesla delivers more Model 3 vehicles, more accessories for the car are becoming available. It seems that Tesla All-Weather Cargo Mats are a popular item for the Model S and X. It’s a good way to keep the car’s interior storage areas free of dirt and moisture. It’s surely much…

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UberOne Will Add 50 Tesla Taxis In Dubai This Week

The citizens of Dubai will enjoy the opportunity to hail a Tesla through UberONE starting right away. As Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) push to be the most technologically advanced, smartest, and greenest places on the planet, the Dubai Taxi Corporation has struck up an exclusive deal. The…

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Tesla Semi Rendered Based Off Of Recent Sighting

The electric big rig will make its debut on November 16. Rumors and reports of a new Tesla electric semi-truck have been long in the making. The big rig was first announced late last year by CEO Elon Musk, and alleged leaked photos of it in the sheet metal were posted on Reddit as recently as last week. With all…

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