Tesla Semi

Tesla Receives First Semi Order From Middle East

Bee’ah becomes the first in the Middle East to announce an order for all-electric Tesla Semi trucks – 50 units were reserved and are expected to arrive in UAE from 2020 on. This is one of the largest orders for the Tesla Semi to date, in line with Sysco Corporation, and…

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Top 5 Quickest SUVs In The World

Electric is #1. We’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 quickest SUVs in the world. Not surprisingly, a pure electric took top honors. 5. Brabus GLE Coupe 850 – 3.8 seconds Sometimes the old ways are the best…at least Brabus certainly thinks so – and that’s why its take…

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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Has Found Yet Another Safe Haven For Cobalt

A SMALL TOWN WITH AN IRONIC NAME COULD HELP ENERGIZE TESLA’S FUTURE When you think Tesla, your typically think Fremont, California or Sparks, Nevada. But Bloomberg recently published a fascinating story, The Canadian Ghost Town That Tesla Is Bringing Back to Life, which reports on some important mines in North America that are addressing…

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Check Out This 3D Virtual Tour Of A Tesla Model X P100D

VIRTUAL SHOWROOM: TAKE AN IMMERSIVE 3D TOUR OF A FULLY-LOADED TESLA MODEL X P100D EV Hire recently started booking a fleet of ludicrous P100D Teslas to locals in Britain. Daryl Pearce, EV Hire’s founder, explains with pride: “The Tesla vehicles that I stock are the fastest production cars ever produced to date. I mean,…

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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Review By Edmunds – Video

Edmunds’ newest long-term test vehicle is a Tesla Model 3, so this is the first of an upcoming assortment of professional reviews. As many of you are aware, when Edmunds acquires a vehicle for long-term testing, there’s generally an initial article/video, followed by more detailed information at a later date, and…

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Vandals Purposely Set Fire To Tesla Model S, X – Video

Over in Vondelstraat, Amsterdam, reports are surfacing claiming that vandals purposely set fire to a Tesla Model S and X. Charred remains are all that’s left. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen “vandals” in the vicinity of the two cars. The witness reports state that the individuals were seen deliberately and…

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