Opinion: Gauging Changing Perceptions Of Formula E

Formula E is nearly three seasons old, and in that time the all-electric series has gone from being seen as a quirky oddity in the motorsport world to a serious, well-respected championship, writes Sam Smith. Acquired tastes abound in racing, and none more so than Formula E. Since the advent…

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Tesla Model X Versus Can-Am Maverick X3 – Race Video

Electric SUV battles gas-powered side-by-side, who will win? We’ve seen cars tagged with the Tesla logo race against any number of vehicles before: Detroit muscle, Italian exotics, motorcycles and even a snowmobile. It’s always entertaining to see a unique matchup, so we were pretty excited when we stumbled onto this:  a Tesla Model…

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Roborace Explained: Artificial Intelligence Meets Racing

Preparations for the first competition with autonomous race cars is under way. But why? And will it be fun to watch? searched for answers. Roborace is set to organize the first championship for self-driving vehicles, or ‘AI drivers’ as the organisation prefers to name it. The competition will take…

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