Europe (Norway) Receives First Deliveries Of The Opel Ampera-E

Although first deliveries of Opel Ampera-e in Norway are officially scheduled for May, the first units have already appeared in registration stats. On April 6, the first 10 Ampera-e (lightly re-worked Chevy Bolt EVs) were noted by ItAnywhere.no (via PushEVs). Current records show all 13 units were logged in Jessheim, Norway…and even…

7 months ago by Mark Kane 21

PSA Interested In Nabbing Chevy Bolt Powertrain Info

General Motors is step by step withdrawing from Europe. After selling Saab and withdrew of Chevrolet, it seems now is the time to sell Opel (and Vauxhall). German brand brings 16 straight years of net loses to GM. “After racking up about $9 billion in losses since 2009, GM is…

9 months ago by Mark Kane 0

Opel Ampera-e Gets 520 km/323 Mile Range Rating In Europe

Opel Ampera-e officially certified with 520-km range The Chevy Bolt EV Opel Ampera-e might be the cure for anyone suffering from range anxiety considering the folks from Rüsselsheim are saying the city EV boasts a “revolutionary officially certified NEDC range of 520 kilometers.” It’s possible thanks to a large lithium-ion…

9 months ago by Adrian Padeanu 35