Mazda CEO: First Plug-In Coming To U.S. In 2020

Mazda’s first plug-in model could enter market around 2020 according to the Masahiro Moro, president and CEO of Mazda North American Operations (MNAO). It’s not yet known whether it will be all-electric model or electrified, but Masahiro Moro hints at a possible comeback of the rotary engine in the form…

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Mazda Rotary Engine To Return As Range Extender

A fitting application for the future. Mazda’s first rotary engine was launched half a century ago and the Japanese manufacturer is currently developing its modern successor. The good news is we will probably see it in less than two years from now, but, unfortunately, it won’t also power a plug-in sports model. Instead, according…

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Toyota, Mazda And Denso Team Up To Work On EVs

Each of the three will carefully select engineers to form a new company. Toyota and Mazda are perfectly aware the EV era is upon us (while we think Mazda is anyway), which is why the two have teamed up with global automotive components manufacturer Denso to jointly develop technologies catering electric vehicles….

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Report: Mazda Commits To Only Hybrids, EVs By 2030

Japanese media reports that the Mazda Motor Corp will follow other major manufacturer’s leads, and now also intends to electrify all its models by 2030 – at which point Mazda would sell only hybrids, plug-in hybrids or all-electric offerings. This news was first reported by the Kyodo News (then others),…

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Mazda Exec Says EVs Aren’t The Only Answer

Robert Davis – senior vice president special assignments for Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) has simple answer to EVs: “He isn’t buying them”. Well, we already knew that Mazda isn’t much interested in the electrification…considering the zero plug-in offerings one can find at your local Mazda dealer (the first BEV…

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Automakers Ask Trump To Ease Emissions Rules, EV Mandates – Get Ready For A War

It didn’t take the “Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers” long to cobble together a lobbying request for President-elect Donald Trump to roll-back emission mandates and “alternative powertrains” (think plug-in electric vehicles) requirements.  Just ~48 hours after Hillary Clinton ceded the election to Trump, the group has put together a eight page letter (PDF here)…

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It’s Official: Toyota & Mazda Form Technological Partnership

It’s now no longer a rumor. Toytota and Mazda collaboratively confirmed that they are establishing a new technological partnership.  The goal is to “build a mutually beneficial long-term partnership.” In a statement, Toyota remarked: “By leveraging the resources of both companies to complement and enhance each other’s products and technologies,…

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