Lucid Motors Displays Updated All-Electric Air

Lucid Motors was present at this year’s Monterey Car Week (August 16–20), with the latest version of its all-electric Air luxury car. We don’t know what exactly what changes were made (we are hopeful of a product update shortly), but it seems that that exterior is maturing with at least a…

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Lucid Air Alpha Speed Car

Ford Not Interested In Takeover Of Lucid Motors

Ford says it’s not interested in a takeover of Lucid Motors at this stage of the game. Raising enough funds to build a factory isn’t easy and Lucid Motors is finding that out the hard way now. Lucid Motors chief technology officer Peter Rawlinson previously commented: “We don’t have the money…

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Lucid Motors’ VP Of Design Discusses Air

NextMobility gets exclusive one-on-one time to chat with Derek Jenkins, the mind behind the design of the stunning Lucid Air. Lucid came to the scene way back in 2007, formerly known as Atieva, but Jenkins didn’t join the team until 2015, and that’s when the Lucid Air was born. Jenkins…

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Lucid Air: Intriguing New Interior Design Images And Details

Lucid Motors releases artistic design inspirations associated with its upcoming Air interior, including colors, materials, and finishes. The Lucid website has an interesting “Stories” section with quite a bit of info. It’s really set up like an “Air” blog. The company’s most recent post is entitled Creating a California Luxury…

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Ride Along In The Lucid Air – Video

It can go up to 217 miles per hour, yet it’s super luxurious inside. A rare combination indeed. Video description: “We took a ride in the Lucid Air from electric-car startup Lucid Motors. It was developed by former Tesla executives, including Peter Rawlinson, the chief engineer behind the Tesla Model…

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Lucid CTO: Air Is Revolutionary Compared To Tesla Model S

Lucid Motors has so far introduced alpha prototypes of its luxury “Air” electric car (priced from around ~$60,000 reportedly for a 240 miles car, with a 6 figure car netting some ~400 miles) to the public, and from that launching point is currently working on financing for its production plans in…

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