Infiniti LE Electric Car Not A Priority Right Now

It remains merely a concept for now, but hopefully not for long. That’s the latest word on the fate of the Infiniti LE luxury electric car, which has never been given the production green light despite being first shown 3 years ago and wheeled out on several occasions since then….

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Infiniti LE Coming As A 2018 With 60 kWh NMC Battery?

Stemming from the earlier Reuters article—in which Nissan is seen dropping out of the battery business in favor of outsourcing batteries from LG Chem—comes this Infiniti LE-related development. “An all-electric Tesla rival is still planned for Nissan’s premium Infiniti brand in 2018 with batteries as big as 60 kilowatt-hours (kWh),…

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Video: Infiniti Emerg-E Quick Spin

Though Infiniti insists it’s purely a concept, the Emerg-E is still a visually stunning, high performance plug-in hybrid that we yearn for. Perhaps the Emerg-E will make it to production someday and, if it does, we can only hope that its specs (as described below by Infiniti) stay intact: “Infiniti…

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