Long-Term Holden Volt Review

The Holden Volt and the Chevrolet Volt are identical, aside from some appearance differences. So, why bring you a Holden Volt review? Well, the Holden Volt is sold exclusively in Australia and it’s not often we hear even a peep about the Volt from the Land Down Under. Do Australians…

4 years ago by Eric Loveday 11

Video: Surprise…It’s Just $2.50 to Fuel the Volt

With “16 hidden cameras, 1 fake attendant, and a whole lot of surprises…The long range electric Volt can show you the true Power of $2.50.” That’s the premise behind the latest Holden Volt advertising campaign. No, it’s not $80 to refuel the Chevrolet Volt’s Australian sibling.  It’s not $50.   It’s…

5 years ago by Electric CarsTV 4