More Details On Lina Bio-Based EV

Your Prius is good for the environment? That’s cute. For the most part, cars have not always been the favorite subject of environmentalists, though we suspect this particular machine would pass even the most extreme environmental scrutiny. That’s because this ride is made mostly of plants and sugar beets; it…

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Tata Motors Wins Contract For 10,000 EV Order In India – Video

India, through its state-owned Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) intends to purchase some 10,000 electric vehicles with ranges of up to 120-150 km (75-93 miles). The contract was (perhaps unsurprisingly) was won by the Tata Motors (Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. and Nissan Motor Co. also participated), but we don’t yet know the…

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Be Wary Of Legacy Automakers Touting “Electrified” Cars

BIG AUTO’S LATEST BAIT-AND-SWITCH: ELECTRIFIED VS ELECTRIC CARS There’s still a lot of confusion about the different types of electrified vehicles out there. National newspapers regularly mix up hybrids such as the Toyota Prius with pure electric cars such as Teslas. Government agencies and academics serve up an ever-growing alphabet…

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Welcome to InsideEVs Forum!

Comments Alone Can’t Contain This Community For over five years, InsideEVs has been working hard to build the best place on the Internet to track electric vehicle development, offering news and insight dedicated to the rapidly evolving EV scene. We have accomplished that, but along the way, we’ve created something else…

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Long Range Skoda Vision E First Drive Review…Kinda

Skoda made the Vision E concept available for Autocar to check out, but in typical “VW Group fashion”, speed was limited to just 15 km/h (9 mph) for over 200-meters, so it wasn’t a typical test drive…to say the least. The production version, that will be much toned down (the…

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