LeEco’s Founder Jia Yueting Steps Back From Struggling Business. Faraday Future’s Future Unclear (update)

LeEco, the Chinese parent company of Faraday Future, is currently undergoing a massive restructuring, and now an executive reshuffle after earlier bold plans turned out to be well under-capitalized, causing a cash-crunch at the company. LeEco’s founder Jia Yueting is being replaced as general manager of Leshi Internet Information & Technology Corp…

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Electromagnetic Attraction: Faraday Future and Formula E

Faraday Future, the start-up EV technology specialist designing and building ‘intelligent electric vehicles’ for the next decade, arrived in Formula E last summer in a somewhat stealthy manner. Exclusive Motorsport.com interview with Nick Sampson, the Senior Vice President of Research & Development at Faraday Future. It was one which reflected its…

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Faraday Future FF 91 at Laguna.

New Faraday Future Video Puts FF 91 On The Road

This future looks a bit moody. Despite plenty of reasons for skepticism, Faraday Future continues to move its electric vehicle project forward. Today’s case in point is a new video called Emergence that shows the FF 91 electric car on Laguna Beach’s public roads. The company says that it released…

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Faraday Future FF 91 Shows Up In Matte Black

A @FaradayFuture beta car showed up to the Mother’s car show! #FF91 #TGPLB pic.twitter.com/Zr8vjsopCN — MotorworldHype (@MotorworldHype) April 9, 2017 Lookin’ all bad ass, the matte black Faraday Future FF 91 that debuted at the Mother’s car show is the most striking version of the FF 91 we’ve seen to…

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To Date, Faraday Future Has Moved A Bunch Of Dirt

Faraday Future has been busy out at its future factory site in Nevada. Well, if you call moving a bunch of dirt busy, that is. Nevada just recently released a report from the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development. The report contains info on all the documented work done by Faraday…

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Faraday Future Exec Claims NIO Eve Is A Poor Clone Of FF 91

"Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but poor clones get it wrong because we are promoting individuality"​ https://t.co/lCFMwySQlo — Nick Sampson (@NickSampsonFF) March 11, 2017 Following the reveal of the NIO Eve, Faraday Future Senior Vice President of Product Research & Development, Nick Sampson, took to Twitter to call…

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