Crashed EVs

Tesla Model S Versus Roof Crusher – Video

How does the Tesla Model S fare against a hydraulic roof crusher? Watch the video and you’ll soon find out. Video description: Tesla Model S vs Hydraulic Press Peak force: about 18,000 pounds (9 tons) A bit of background info will make this video more sensible. The hydraulic crusher seen…

8 months ago by Eric Loveday 36

Tesla Transporter Struck By Semi Truck

Sadly, the 48-year-old semi-truck driver didn’t survive this horrific crash. According to Sudwest Presse, these two trucks collided on the German Autobahn (A8, to be more precise). The collision resulted during a traffic backup on the highway. All other vehicles were able to stop in time, but the big rig…

8 months ago by Eric Loveday 2