Number Of CCS Combo DC Fast Chargers In Europe Hits 4,000

Europe begins the year 2018 with some 4,000 CCS Combo DC fast chargers – around 3,800 were installed in three and a half years, since its mid-2014 introduction. New installations are acceleratingm as in 2017 1,250 new chargers were installed, which means infrastructure expansion of more than 45% year-over-year. The growth and…

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New In-Road Wireless Charging Idea Could Become A Breakthrough – video

A team at Stanford University has published research results for longer range dynamic wireless energy transfer for potential use in electric vehicle charging. Both, stationary and dynamic wireless charging has of course already been demonstrated around the world, but Shanhui Fan, a professor of electrical engineering and senior author of the study, thinks…

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Tesla Supercharger

In Terms Of Charging, Tesla Gets The Best Of Both Worlds

WITH CHARGING, TESLA GETS THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS [VIDEO] One popular point of confusion among electric vehicle newbies (and the mainstream press) is that non-Tesla charging networks are incompatible with Tesla vehicles. Oftentimes, all it takes is a simple charging adapter, and a Tesla can use virtually any charging point…

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ABB Charges Up Bulgaria With Network Of Fast Chargers

eMobility International (a company that creates, maintains and operates charging infrastructure) is expanding its nationwide fast charging network in Bulgaria using 50 kW multi-standard fast chargers supplied by ABB. According to the infographic, 15 Terra 53 CJG are already installed and a further 15 are to be installed by the…

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AeroVironment Shows Off New TurboDX Charger At CES

At CES 2018, AeroVironment presents its all-new, slim and compact charging station called TurboDX for commercial, workplace, utility, residential applications. It’s available in both 16- and 32-amp versions (240-volts – 7.7 kW) with options for 15-foot or 25-foot cords. Shipping in the U.S. is scheduled to begin on January 30 with a…

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