Volvo Launches New 7900 Electric Bus

Volvo Buses is introducing a new version of its all-electric bus, the Volvo 7900 Electric, which is now equipped with greater capacity battery packs for more range. There are now three options – 150, 200 and 250 kWh;  of which, the top of the line battery should enable some 200 km…

2 months ago by Mark Kane 18

Toyota Sora Fuel Cell Bus To Debut In Tokyo

Likely one of the biggest vehicles heading to Tokyo, the Sora offers seating for 79 people. Much like the Fine-Comfort Vehicle, the new Toyota Sora adopts a fuel cell power-train and is a concept. This is where the similarities end as while the former is a six-seater sedan, the latter aims…

3 months ago by Adrian Padeanu 14

Volkswagen To Invest $1.7 Billion Into Electric Trucks, Buses

Much like its German automotive rival Daimler, Volkswagen is planning to go big with its electric and automated truck and bus plans.  In total, VW Truck & Bus will invest some €1.4 billion ($1.7 billion) into electric power-trains, autonomous systems and cloud-based software. The company intends to develop its own electric…

3 months ago by Mark Kane 14

Cummins Teams With Gillig To Make 200-Mile Electric Buses

Cummins began the APTA public transportation show in Atlanta with a big splash, announcing its first electric vehicle partnership with GILLIG. If you aren’t familiar with the name (we don’t blame you), GILLIG is one of the leading transit bus manufacturers in North America, and is now looking to use…

3 months ago by Mark Kane 24

BYD & ENEL Pursuing 90 EV Bus Project In Chile

90 electric buses would be one of the largest tenders ever in South America.   Taking into consideration the region and the scale, it might be a contract that only BYD can fulfill right now. BYD says that “this agreement seeks to make available at least 90 buses to the current operators….

4 months ago by Mark Kane 11