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Volkswagen To Invest $1.7 Billion Into Electric Trucks, Buses

Much like its German automotive rival Daimler, Volkswagen is planning to go big with its electric and automated truck and bus plans.  In total, VW Truck & Bus will invest some €1.4 billion ($1.7 billion) into electric power-trains, autonomous systems and cloud-based software. The company intends to develop its own electric…

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New Flyer Unveils New Xcelsior CHARGE Electric Bus With Up To 600 kWh Battery

New Flyer has announced its next generation electric bus – the Xcelsior CHARGE, complete with a battery pack capacity that we have never seen before! The standard 40-foot can be equipped with up to 600 kWh of battery according to the company, but it really gets interesting with New Flyer’s 60-foot articulated model –…

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After Just 12 Months, BYD Completes Largest US Electric Bus & Truck Assembly Plant – Video

BYD Coach and Bus – North America's largest electric bus factory BYD is supporting 800 full-time, good paying jobs in California building electric buses, trucks, batteries and more. We can move toward a cleaner air future AND create manufacturing jobs. #ElectrifyEverything Posted by BYD on Friday, October 6, 2017 In…

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Cummins Teams With Gillig To Make 200-Mile Electric Buses

Cummins began the APTA public transportation show in Atlanta with a big splash, announcing its first electric vehicle partnership with GILLIG. If you aren’t familiar with the name (we don’t blame you), GILLIG is one of the leading transit bus manufacturers in North America, and is now looking to use…

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Cummins Readies Reveal Of A 560-kWh BEV And 210-kWh EREV Powertrain For Transit Buses

Cummins has announced the expansion of its powertrain lineup for transit, shuttle and commuter buses by offering battery electric vehicle (BEV) and range extended EV (REEV) solutions. The company intends to presents both platforms at the upcoming APTA public transportation show that opens on October 9 in Atlanta. The base…

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BYD & ENEL Pursuing 90 EV Bus Project In Chile

90 electric buses would be one of the largest tenders ever in South America.   Taking into consideration the region and the scale, it might be a contract that only BYD can fulfill right now. BYD says that “this agreement seeks to make available at least 90 buses to the current operators….

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Electric Buses Coming To Israel, As BYD Delivers Its First 17 Units

Israel intends to improve air quality in Haifa through the introduction of electric buses, as BYD has just won the first major supply contract for 17 single-decker, 12 meter buses. And even higher volume orders could be just around the corner, as Egged – the company that bought these first…

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Proterra Electric Bus Sets Range Record At 1,100 Miles Without Recharging

Early in September, at the Navistar Proving Grounds in New Carlisle, Indiana, Proterra set a new world record for the longest driving distance by an electric vehicle on a single charge – using its 40-foot Catalyst E2 electric bus – 1,101.2 miles (≈1,772 km). The Proterra Catalyst E2 is equipped with the…

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GreenPower Motor Scores Electric School Bus Deal In California – Video

GreenPower Motor has received commitments for eleven Synapse 72 electric school buses from six different school districts in the Southern and Northern Coast districts in California. Orders for the Synapse 72 all-electric Type D school buses are a result of a demonstration tour that the Canadian company conducted with School Bus…

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BYD Furthers U.S. Expansion Plans – Video

BYD wants to make more buses in the US from CNBC. BYD, often referred to as the Warren Buffett-backed Chinese automaker, is now finishing the third phase of its expansion of its U.S. production facility in Lancaster, California – now capable of building up to 1,500 electric buses annually. Previously, the assembly…

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Proterra Becomes First U.S. Electric Bus Maker To Join CharIN CCS

Proterra has become the first North American EV bus manufacturer to become a member of the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN e.V.), which is an international standardization organization to develop and establishing the Combined Charging System (CCS) – DC fast charging. CharIN is trying to leverage adoption of CCS Combo, which on the…

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First All-Electric Bus Rapid Transit Route Now Open In U.S.

San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD) has announced the launch of the nation’s first 100% electric Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route in August. RTD switches to all-electric buses on route 44 using new EVs from Proterra, which are capable of driving up to 40 miles or 2 hours on a charge (with…

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