Battery Tech

Hyundai Begins Small-Scale Production Of Solid -State Batteries

Hyundai, like several other automakers, thinks that solid-state technology is the key to our battery-driven future. In fact, Korea Herald has learned that Hyundai is actively developing the tech for next-generation electric cars and even reportedly has its own small-scale production facility where presumably solid-state batteries are trickling down the…

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MXene Combines Supercapacitor Tech With Large Format EV Batteries

Researchers in Drexel University’s College of Engineering are developing a new battery electrode design that will enable recharging in minutes…or even seconds. The apparent key to solve the problem of uber-fast charging is to use a highly conductive, two-dimensional material called MXene. The team has demonstrated charging of thin MXene electrodes…

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GS Yuasa Promises Range-Doubling EV Battery By 2020

Range-doubling battery technology! That’s the promise that’s been coming from GS Yuasa for several years. The thinking being that higher-energy dense lithium-ion batteries will lead to high increases in range. A recent Nikkei article again warms up to those promises. The goal for the Japanese battery manufacturer is the apparent doubling of…

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