27% Of Cars Sold In Iceland In October 2018 Were Plug-Ins

NOV 16 2018 BY MARK KANE 13

Plug-in market share approaching one-third.

Iceland again shows that it’s the top plug-in market with record market share of 27% in October! Part of the reason behind such a high result is the general decrease of car sales, but anyways, in the first 10 months of 2018. some 18% of cars sold in Iceland were rechargeable.

In October, sales amounted to about 267 plug-ins, which shows how tiny the market is. The biggest player in Iceland is the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV with 66 sales last month and 888 YTD (compared to 3,012 plug-ins overall). There is a chance that the Outlander PHEV will become the first model to pass 1,000 sales in one year.

Great insights and data from Iceland were provided by the EV Sales Blog.

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3,012 cars make 27% of the market? That is a tiny market.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

It only has about 348,580 people.

When I went to Iceland to drive around for two days gas was eight dollars a gallon and the car we made the mistake of renting got 7 miles a gallon.

If I ever go back to Iceland that is one place I’m renting a EV.

Charging infrastructure for long trips on the ring road wasn’t there when I went a year ago. EVs make total sense there since their electricity is geothermal.

And 100% of their fossil energy is imported. The tiny volume and remote location makes for expensive fuel, and of course near total dependence on oil imports. Not that Iceland with its military might can really hope for any real Independence anyway, but relying on their own energy definitely makes sense, especially since they’ve got more than they know what to do with.

They are independent! Who would want to invade Iceland? Rob them of their beautiful scenery? Great country by the way

And yet, “Top Selling Tesla”, is not in this List! I guess they have not opened in that market, yet. If Model 3 comes there, it could be interesting!

If you look at the models in the list only a few are sedan/saloons and of those, very few sell well when comparing the numbers to those at the top of the list.
To me that shows that Iceland is not a place that favours Sedans. Even the picture at the top shows an SUV with a trailer. That is the sort of place it is. It is a long, long way from SoCal in terms of user taste.
With a population of less than half a million it may not be worth the trouble and expense of Tesla setting up shop there before the Model Y is in production. That is more suited to Iceland than the Model 3

No official Tesla sales outlet available explains that. There are some personal imports, but they will not appear as national sales. Model 3 would be “Reykjavik” only though. Ability to drive up glaciers to the top of active volcanoes is normally regarded as the minimum acceptable flexibility for an Icelandic vehicle.

Iceland only has 350,000 people. Assuming each person has 1 car, that’s 350,000 cars. Iceland has 8014 miles of roads(as of 2012). So, to have one charger every 40 miles, a charging company only needs 200 charging locations. Each location ideally should have 10 stalls. That gives you 1750 people per charging station… For comparison, the US population is 325.7 million, and we have 168,000 gas stations, or 1938 people per gas station. Now, of course, it gets even better than this, since I assume most people have electric lines wired to their homes, so they can do most of their charging at home, and use of public chargers will be rare, since EV’s are now coming with ranges over 250 miles, and Iceland is a small country.

> Assuming each person has 1 car

Every man, woman, boy, girl, toddler and baby!

Actually it might be too low, for all I know. There must of course be many who don’t own a car, but there may be many who own more than two as well — at least if we count ATVs.

If Jay Leno moves there the national average would jump..! 😂

In 2015 the fleet was 226 000 passenger cars.

> it’s the top plug-in market with record market share of 27% in October! What have you been smoking? You know full well this is not accurate. Norway has a higher BEV share than this made-up “plug-in” nonsense category, as misleading as making a “green car share” and leaving unstated that it’s based on the paint color of the cars. Conflating everything with a plug into a single category only serves to conflate things in people’s heads. I know, you’re trying to find an angle to put a positive spin on it. But this is downright unethical. IEVs have, by and large, improved in this regard over time. Two years ago I had to make this complaint constantly, but you persisted in reporting “electric car” numbers (as you used to call it then, but relabelling it “plug-in” and still not differentiate is not a *huge* improvement). These days you’re more often using the terms logically (a gasoline car runs on gasoline, a diesel car runs on diesel, an electric car runs on electricity — and a car using multiple sources is a hybrid), report separate figures for electric cars and plug-in hybrids, and that’s great. So it is kinda depressing… Read more »