Conducts Tesla Model 3 Touch Screen Test: It’s A Star!


We haven’t heard a whole lot from mainstream automotive media about the innovative Tesla Model 3 touch screen, but here’s a biggie. makes a point to start off its article reminding us that Tesla has always been different. The Silicon Valley electric automaker has charted its own unique path and thrown out all the “norms.” One of these derivations has come with the Tesla Model 3 touch screen, which controls just about everything in the car. Moreover, it seems the automaker plans to make this the new “thing” in all upcoming vehicles, as well as in any refreshes of its current lineup.

This Tesla concept came about not only to cut costs, but to make its new car more minimalistic … different … futuristic. The car has no typical gauge cluster, no mid-view speedometer, and it even has a weirdly interesting (and seemingly very functional) lengthwise air vent with intuitive controls.

So, what does think overall?

The publication breaks this review into a few obvious areas: The Good, The Bad, and The Verdict.

Let’s start in an interesting backward direction here and share The Verdict. Cars reports:

The Model 3’s touchscreen is the star of the interior, and it’s mostly successful thanks to a thoughtful interface, useful features and rich graphics. And with Tesla’s commitment to over-the-air software updates, the system should age better than most automotive screens. Even so, there’s a lesson to be learned from the feature-packed screen, and it’s not a new one: Just because you can put a function in a touchscreen doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

With that being said, what are the Goods and the Bads (according to this review)?


  • Crisp, clear graphics
  • Responsive and intuitive “pinch-to-zoom” gestures
  • No lag
  • Great layout
  • Excellent backup camera
  • Cool ” whimsical elements” like doodle pad and note taking
  • One year of free TuneIn


  • No Apple CarPlay or Android Auto
  • No AM radio
  • No physical buttons
  • Need to take eyes off road
  • Doesn’t work with ordinary gloves

As you can obviously see, the Tesla Model 3 touch screen does more well than it does badly. Leave us your thoughts and comments below.



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2. Tesla Model 3
Range: 310 miles; 136/123 mpg-e. Still maintaining a long waiting list as production ramps up slowly, the new compact Tesla Model 3 sedan is a smaller and cheaper, but no less stylish, alternative, to the fledgling automaker’s popular Model S. This estimate is for a Model 3 with the “optional” (at $9,000) long-range battery, which is as of this writing still the only configuration available. The standard battery, which is expected to become available later in 2018, is estimated to run for 220 miles on a charge. Tesla Model 3 charge port (U.S.) Tesla Model 3 front seats Tesla Model 3 at Atascadero, CA Supercharging station (via Mark F!) Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 The Tesla Model 3 is not hiding anymore! Tesla Model 3 (Image Credit: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs) Tesla Model 3 Inside the Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 rear seats Tesla Model 3 Road Trip arrives in Tallahassee Tesla Model 3 charges in Tallahassee, trunk open.


Tesla Model 3 Performance - Dual Motor Badge
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Tesla Model 3 Performance Tesla Model 3 Performance Tesla Model 3 Performance Tesla Model 3 Performance - Midnight Silver Tarmac Motion (wallpaper 2,560x – click to enlarge) Tesla Model 3 Performance - White Interior - Wide Tesla Model 3 Performance - White Interior - Touchscreen

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23 Comments on " Conducts Tesla Model 3 Touch Screen Test: It’s A Star!"

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Why do you need ‘normal gloves’?

If it’s not your car you don’t wanna leave your fingerprints all over…

There is no screen heating?

The Tesla Thai rescue sub, also has no screen door or heating!

Where are the premium Tesla accessories, when you are cave diving, and you actually need them? 🙄

That sub was a Spacex product, not Tesla. Spacex is not a premium brand.

(The wordy James 😀 dare I say original James)

I like the steering wheel in my new Model 3 for it’s size and shape, but it is rather slick. Meaning, the steering wheel in previous cars I have owned had a grippier texture, this one is faux leather and a pair of nice driving gloves would actually increase the feel and control while driving the car.

I haven’t worn driving gloves since the ’80s when I owned a 1974 FIAT 124 Spyder with a lacquered wooden wheel. Not necessary in the 3, but would be nice.

Been looking at glove options That have touch screen fingertips. Obviously necessary while driving a Tesla. Leaning towards the gloves in the Tesla store. Kind of spendy. Still looking. May take a chance on Amazon…

Because they always need to find the “but”

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

What happens when you’re driving through the “Hood” and a stray bullet pierces that screen?

When was the last time you saw one in da hood?

I’D Say., “WASSSUUUPPPP” Wit Dat Man !

isn’t the point of the touch screen not having physical buttons? If you were to conduct a test on the wheels of a car, you could list as a negative that the car doesn’t have sleds.

It’s separation anxiety….it takes time to get over.
I do agree however, there is definitely a need for at least one button…the eject button…to be used in case you miss your gasser piano.

It’s like ten yrs ago. When peeps slammed iPhone for not having a real keyboard. And swearing by their berries.

It doesn’t matter What they think or Say….I’m Getting A Model 3 Regardless ! So They Can Stick that in Their Pipe & Smoke IT ! …….L O L…………

True! I’ve got 2 and I ain’t going back.

From article said: “… [Tesls Model 3] No AM radio…”

Many AM (and FM) radio stations are available on Model 3 through TuneIn streaming already integrated into the center console screen or App ( instsll app on your phone and Bluetooth to the car audio).

Advantage of TuneIn & is that your reception is not limited by your car’s proximity to the station’s radio tower… so you can listen to a favorite AM/FM station while on a long road trip.

Alternatively most radio stations have a live-stream button on their website homepage that can be Bluetoothed to car’s audio.

Two things: AM radio works outside of cell range. TuneIn does not. AM radio provides sports (like LA Dodgers baseball), these are blacked out by TuneIn, or just not available.

Why would you need gloves when you have heated steering?

Model 3 has no heated steering wheel.

I know. That may be one of my biggest disappointments regarding the Model 3. I mean, my 2015 Nissan Leaf S ( ie the Base model) come standard with a heated steering wheel. #FirstWorldProblems

Nice thing is that the vents actually blow on/through the steering wheel, allowing both cooling and heating of the steering wheel as set by the HVAC.

Also one disappointment with my new 3. Being winter is fast approaching.

With all the car has and does, I didn’t expect seat cooling but steering wheel heat was expected as it saves battery, increasing range by NOT requiring cabin heat to be on or set as high.

No heated wheel = no deal breaker ( THE CAR IS FRIGGIN’ AWESOME! ). Maybe just another reason to buy gloves.

I’d do a review but there are 1000s out there. I can just say my Dual Motor 3 is faster than !@#% and puts that Tesla Smile on my face every day, even when I get home and face those car payments. It’s not perfect, but much better than expectations.

I may do a review if I can do a new twist on one.

There is no need for it in California, or for that matter no need for gloves, ‘normal’ or ‘abnormal’, either. Now that should explain it.😎