Carlos Ghosn: “We Will Defend Multi-Standard”… But Then We Need To “Converge To One” Standard

SEP 16 2013 BY MARK KANE 16

2013 Nissan LEAF

2013 Nissan LEAF

At the joint press conference for Daimler and Renault-Nissan Alliance, Dieter Zetsche and Carlos Ghosn, CEOs of both entities, were discussing a growing collaboration.

There wasn’t too much discussion on EVs, because this is only one of many joint topics, but in the questions section, some LEAF owners asked about why there is an agreement on normal AC L2 charging standard and there is no such agreement on DC L3 fast charging standards.

Dieter Zetsche was reluctant to answer, so Carlos Ghosn spoke (see 43-minute mark on video).

Ghosn said some very important things, including that the “Present situation is absolutely not perfect” and that to not exclude anyone “we will defend the multi standard” (on the charging point side). This is because automakers are currently using different solutions like Combo, CHAdeMO or AC. Also, CHAdeMO Association is seeking to secure multi-standard.

But, what is more important is that Ghosn said that, after a while with multi-standard, “all agree that we need to converge to one“.

So, now we have clearance on the situation. After few years of chaos, we will hopefully move to one unnamed single standard. Will this one be Combo? Probably yes, but the Combo alliance first needs to sell volumes of compatible vehicles to make such a move rational.

Full video.

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Mullet standard? Are we talking Billy Ray Cyrus style? Or more like Dennis Miller from the 90’s?

It’s CCS and has always been CCS. The new global standard.

There is no problem that needs a solution, unless one was stuck wanting the Japanese standard to remain, because they are an early adopter who bought into the outgoing standard.

So Nissan is just letting their owners know that soon Nissan will move from the Japanese standard to the new global standard, so they can prepare themselves for the change.

Next gen Nissan EVs will have Combo chargers, with Nissan and others adding CCS to the Japanese charging stations as part of the global move to CCS.

It’s funny that you give no thought to a future standard that is not yet used anywhere. Why would EV drivers want “yesterday’s” charging speeds (about 100kW) in a 250-500kW future world?

Thankfully, with CHAdeMO well over 3000 worldwide installations and CCS / Frankenplug at close to zero still, I fully support the “multi-standard” that Mr. Ghosn mentions. That way, the cheerleaders like you who have more hot air than chargers can have all the chargers you want… as long as there is always a CHAdeMO there.

Then, world leaders in EVs will be obvious in 5-10 years when I expect that “one standard” to arrive who will promote the next “one” standard.

Ok, let me reword that last sentence…

Then, it will be obvious in 5-10 years who the world leaders in EVs who will be to promote the next “one” standard.

Bloggin’s trollin’, as usual, but this time I’ll bite too.

So tell me, how can CCS be “global”, if the US, Europe, Japan and China all have a different variant, or have already decided against it?

The only standard which not only can, but pretty much already is, global, is CHAdeMO. Get over it. It is already used everywhere except China, and the BYD chargers are also CAN-bus-based, so an adapter to CHAdeMO or vice-versa should be much easier than with PLC-based approaches.

(Well, I imagine that what you incorrectly keep calling “the Japanese standard” is CHAdeMO anyway. It’s just as much an European standard: ISO, IEC 61851-23, -24.)

Next: how can anyone get wrong Nissan’s position on charging standards, when it keeps pumping EVs and installing quick-chargers faster than ANY other company, and even teaming with other automakers to do so — and those are all CHAdeMO?–2000-dc-quick-charging-target-for-u-s-by-2014

Heck, even Tesla saw the light…

In the end though, as Tony said, this is all temporary anyway…

How much does it cost to convert a Chademo charger to a SAE charger? Same question regarding an EV, such as a Leaf?

To me the bulk of the cost is the original installation. Changing some software and a plug is not a deal breaker.

“We respect every standard if it’s name is CHAdeMO”

CCS is dead crap from the old world. The majority of human population lives in asia and they have already decided.

Nice to see such level-headed comments. Perhaps it’s just a bad case of Mondayitis?

Is he Gay?

Basically you could add the CCS into a leaf with very little change in the overall footprint, right? So Carlos could cover the bases if he wanted to.

And CHAdeMO could be on the US and German car makers cars. It goes both ways.

Actually, I don’t think that the Leaf’s charging bay would be tall enough to accommodate a CCS inlet, at least the US version (it could fit it sideways, but then the strain on the connector will probably be excessive).

Not that it matters, it’s not like Nissan would get any benefit from switching to CCS: not faster, not safer, not even… available.

I’ve mentioned this many times that, although I don’t own one, I think Nissan came up with the perfect world wide standard years ago.

1). J1772 only for up to 16 (or in britain, 32 amp) standard for entry and midlevel cars.

2). An optional at extra cost Chademo jack for top of the line vehicles, and those who just want more than the standard single phase J1772. (dc fast chargers can be 1 or 3 phased).

Its been my steadfast belief that the ev world would be a much simpler place if cars were built to Nissan’s defacto standard arrangement.

This is the same situation as EV1’s paddle charger. After EV1, all those chargers were sitting around needing upgrades.

A couple thousand is not a lot to do at this point. 10s of thousands would be a little stickier.

It may not be CCS that becomes the universal standard. Carlos doesn’t need to do anything since it’s only him and Elon actually delivering EVs in any volume.

Gee. I wonder why Spark with DC is not out yet.

It’s a mess. We should have a two sided blade connector instead. So the charge port could be tiny and be multiple places on the car instead of the barn door the Leaf has.
And that CHAdeMO plug is just ridiculously large. They gave absolutely no thought to practicality when they designed that.
And come to think of it, it was the same people that gave use Fukushima. Tepco for the win.