Carlos Ghosn At Paris Motor Show: Automakers Who Mocked Us Now Declare Electric Cars Are The Future


Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn and ZOE

Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn and ZOE

Volkswagen I.D.

Volkswagen I.D.

Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn took to the stage at the 2016 Paris Motor Show to reveal the, among other vehicles, the new longer range Renault ZOE.

Aside from that, Ghosn responded to some questions regarding the electric car industry as a whole, as well as questions related to automakers such as Volkwagen who are late to join the electric car revolution.

Ghosn stated:

“I am very glad today the same people who mocked us are the same people who say, ‘We have five (EVs) coming in the next five years.”

“This industry is full of surprises. This is one of them, but it is a good surprise everyone is joining and everyone is saying, ‘Yes, electric cars are part of the future of this industry and we cannot compete without electric cars.’ I’m very glad.”

“China is booming with electric cars. We are even losing our status of leaders of (EVs) in China, because you have a lot of Chinese makers selling cheap electric cars.”

“Welcome to competition. Electric technology is part of the future. The only question is how fast, how high (and) this is dependent on how strict the emissions are going to be.”

Both Ghosn and Tesla CEO Elon Musk have long shared this same stance of welcoming more competition. But it really wasn’t until the Paris Motor Show that it became evident that a lot more competition is coming very soon.

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“But it really wasn’t until the Paris Motor Show that it became evident that a lot more competition is coming very soon.”

Really? Why do you think that? Because you never read EV related news? We knew since half of 2015 that EVs where booming in china. That is more than a year. Also the roadmap for a lot of carmakers was well known before the paris autoshow…

I guess you can say it became evident to a wider audience that EVs are really going to come soon.

‘Very soon’ like 2025. That’s rather very late!

After seeing the car that drives by itself from Tesla why would anyone by this French car?

Cost and size… this French car will sell like crazy.

The Zoé 40 is the most ordered Renault cars for the Mondial de l’Automobile. Probably the most ordered car period.
In France ~50% cars are ~4m or smaller. In Italia ~65% of cars are ~4m or smaller.

And Renault has just confirm that they will use CCS for futur cars that will have bigger battery. I think after the arrival of the Leaf 60kWh, Renault will surely annonce a compact electric car.

Maybe because fully autonomous Renault Zoe are already deployed as taxis? (was it in Hong Kong?

The autonomous system is not renault’s one, it’s from utonomy, i think, retrofitted into some Zoes.

How many Teslas do you currently own?

That’s Not the Point ! Smart Ass ! I am sure He can Buy a Few ,If he doesn’t already own them! cheers

Some people like Simple technology that “They” can Control ..”Not Technology ” that Controls Them.. I for one do not want a Car That can drive itself, Not “FOR FREE” Or even at a Discount!!!!! .

People who like driving their car…

I am an American, the model S is 6 inches too long to fit in my garage. Sure it is a lovely car, but its place is in suburbia, a city car it is not. This is why we chose an i3. Would I prefer an i3 with with a 230 mile range? Yes of course, but I am not parking a model S on the street.

It will likely be 20+ years (longer outside the US) until a completely autonomous car is road-legal (that is, no driver at all — no person inside has a driver’s license, maybe not even manual controls)

Unfortunately nobody asked him why the ZOE Q90 is not sold in Germany. Or why the R90 is still limited to 22kW charging.
40kWh battery capacity and only 22kW charge power makes no sense. At least they could leave the choice to the German customer, as they do in Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.
Sorry Renault: you can build good electric cars, but your customer policy sucks.

I’m very surprise to by that commercial decision.
There is a lot of 43kW AC charger in Germany ?
It would be great if Renault annonce a model of the Zoé with CCS 50kW plug. I think, I dream a little bit here.

> There is a lot of 43kW AC charger in Germany ?

Not as many as in the Netherlands, but we catch up. At there is a map where you can see all charging points. Even enough for a ZOE Q210 with half range of the Q90 to travel with 43kW charging through Germany.

I beleive Ghoson was quoted somewhere along the way as saying they want to be part of the electric car revoluton but they do t want to start it…

Electric cars leave all legacy auto makers with big money in stranded assets along with less maintenance and repair costs so they are bad for their bottom line…

Nissans product are far from as good as it can be but kudos to them for being the #1 legacy auto maker for electrics…

– R 240 is the Renault-motor, developed by engineers from Technocentre and Cléon-factory where the engine is also made – The new engine has a new Caméléon charging system that provides faster charge at home (3,6 kW and 11 kW). – The charging time is reduced by 20 minutes (from 2 hours to 100 minutes) on the 11 kw (0-80%) and to 5 hours and 40 minutes (from 6 hours) on 3,6 kw – Zoe can still be charges with 22 kW at a fast chargeing station. Cost and size is the reason why not faster charging is supported. Will be supported in future models though. – Two areas was in focus during development: Improved elcktronic controls that reduces the consumtion of electic energy while driving and a new charinging system that reduces the charging time when charging on low effect levels. – Renault have integrated components that have reduces the engines size by 10% without affecting the performance. That makes it possible to use the same engine/motor in smaller cars (as you will soon see from Renault and their alliance. They will soon release 4 small electric models, with the same motor and regulator system as the Zoe) –… Read more »

They aren’t a leader in the USA anymore either.. Haven’t been for years. It’s really too bad considering the early lead they had on everyone else. But they have fallen so far behind other EVs now.

Gut feeling: Nissan will reply to the GM Bolt and other auto makers with the next-gen Leaf very soon after the Bolt arrives in dealer showrooms nation-wide. The current-gen Leaf appears to be a larger family car than the Bolt. ‘Looking forward to seeing the return volley from Nissan and I hope the next Leaf checks all of the IIHS safety squares as a superior/safe car for the Joe & Joan Average family.

“The current-gen Leaf appears to be a larger family car than the Bolt. ”

“appears” is your opinion. Facts show that Bolt is larger inside and it has similar comparable rooms all around. And it beats the pants off LEAF in range and performance today.

“Looking forward to seeing the return volley from Nissan and I hope the next Leaf checks all of the IIHS safety squares as a superior/safe car for the Joe & Joan Average family.”

Why? You are basing that on the “poor” performance of the IIHS’s small overlap front crash rating of the LEAF today? LOL.

The Bolt has 3″ more rear legroom ( and a bit more rear headroom as well) than the current Leaf, and that is one of the shortcomings that the Leaf and the Volt shared so it is nice to see the Bolt improve that aspect.

The LEAF is still the leading affordable family ev on the market as far as I know.

The rumor mill is that the 2017 Leaf will get a new 41 kWh battery pack in November yielding about 140 miles of range and that a new car will be introduced alongside it as a 2018 model next year. This new model, based on the IDS concept, will have a 60 kWh battery pack and will have more highway range than the Bolt thanks to better aero. It will also be cheaper and it will not have active cooling. This will give Nissan two EVs at two different price points. Those are the rumors anyway.

I for one don’t have any problem with the way Nissan has handled the LEAF 2.0 development/release. Do I wish it had gotten here sooner? Of course!

You have to look at it like a CEO, not an enthusiast. Being #1 in sales in the USA is WAAAAAY less important than getting the most profit out of a product possible. A CEO would rather sell 1 car that makes them a net $10,000 than 4 that net them $2,000 each. Carlos Ghosn wants to sell every single Gen1 LEAF in inventory way more than he wants to be #1 in a game that encompasses less than 5% of the market share globally (EV sales).

So when the Germans plan to release an EV in five years, they call it “very soon”. And when they try to mock Tesla for the M3 waiting time, then a year is a incredibly long time…

“this is dependent on how strict the emissions are going to be.”

Umm, no. Even if there’s no emissions laws, Tesla P100DL still kicks ass, and will be successful. You can’t rely on government force for making EV. That results in poor performing ones like Leaf. You have to bring tangible benefits over gas cars, and performance is one low hanging fruit of EV.

Unfortunately, traditional car makers don’t seem to get this except for SparkEV. SparkEV may have been a fluke, but hot damn how such car inspires people. Next EV from Nissan had better top Bolt in performance. Otherwise, competition from all sides will eat Nissan for lunch.

You do realize that the Spark EV wouldn’t exist if not for gumint meddling?

Perhaps SparkEV may not have come at 2014, but I have no doubt that it or something like it (ie, low cost kickass) will come eventually. When Tesla becomes dominant carmaker in its own right with bunch of EV kicking butt, other car companies will have no choice but to follow. They can’t slack off with iMiev level of performance when the competition will be making EV with SparkEV like performance, even if that competition isn’t Tesla.

“Unfortunately, traditional car makers don’t seem to get this”

Traditional auto makers get it 100 %…
The unfortunate part is they are vested in producing ICE cars and simply dont want to produce superior EVs that make their ICE tech look bad…

Tesla and govermemts are the only reason any legacu auto company currently makes an EV…
If traditional auto does not step it up they could leave a big door open to the Chinese who have a goverment that is pushing EVs more than the others…

Competition to their gas cars may be part of it, but I don’t think that’s the biggest reason. They still see EV as just for meeting emissions, and make them perform like Prius. Since Prius sells with “green” crowd, they see no reason to go the extra step. Basically, mandated cars would be minimal cars that suck. But cars like i3 (ground up EV) or SparkEV (test car for future EV) did not suck.

Look at another Insideevs article where Tesla takes the top of premium car sales. They (gas car companies) will have to answer to that when their gas cars fail to compete against EV. And that is where EVs are going: Tesla and others (BYD, Faraday Futures, etc, and GM EV to a degree) dragging them while they kick and scream. They _have_ to make compelling EV or get wiped off the market, emission laws or not.

And now Nissan will not only have to answer to Tesla 3, but Bolt as well. This is where the dominoes start falling. Hopefully, Nissan will make better EV than just giving out free charging that destroys EV experience for all.

FYI… As a LEAF owner, I wouldn’t rate it as a “poor” EV. It’s an affordable vehicle, designed pre-2010. You can’t compare that to a $100k+ top-of-the-line vehicle, because they share NOTHING in common except that they are EV’s. Anyone who expects a $35k car to perform like a $100k car is crazy.

He stated: “We are even losing our status of leaders of (EVs) in China,”
I think he left out a whole bunch of other countries. This time of year, the faith of the Leaf Faithfuls reminds me of Charlie Brown sitting in the pumpkin patch awaiting the arrival of the Great Pumpkin.

The Leaf I test drove was a nice car. My wife and I both liked it, but for the range. As we waited for range to improve, we started hearing the issues with battery capacity in very hot climates. As I live in the Southeast and it is in the upper 90’s to lower 100’s a considerable part of the late spring, summer & early fall, I’ll pass.

Yes. I think it is a generally accepted view that not having active cooling of the battery pack was a mistake from Nissan. One that is coming back to haunt them.

The new “Lizard” battery in the 2013 and later LEAF has resolved most of the degradation issues, but the range is still deplorable.

Nissan really needs to create a whole new car at this point. The LEAF is way too quirky, slow and antiquated to compete with the Bolt and Model 3. Seven years was way too long to hang onto that battery and styling.

Right, but still no active cooling. Still it’s better than it was.

Ghosn is a pirate, I used to believe in him, after the Revenge of the Electric car documentary I thought he was very dedicated therefore Nissan as well, but after buying into it, I can see how un-dedicated and uncommitted Nissan really is, it lets is network of franchisees do whatever they want with EV promotions, and ease of ownership, lack of knowledge and expertise. They let ICE drivers park and not give sh*t at EV only spots, whats worse the dealer itself parks ICE cars in those spots often.. Besides that HUGE disregard to EV drivers, they have the worst battery warranty policies Ive ever heard of, I mean your car practically has to end up with a driving range of about 50 or less miles for them to even consider helping you, even then you have to jump through hoops to get anywhere… it is absolutely demoralizing.. Lastly Nissan has had all these years to offer better range vehicles and try to modify the appearance but the range part came until MY 2016 with a barely there 107..seriously. and the same car with the exception of colors and maybe the wheels as the 2011 model. absolutely unacceptable.

Worst battery degradation policy is not Nissan’s but Tesla’s – no warranty whatsoever for capacity degradation, just for total failure. Nissan has degradation warranty just like other automakers.

The problem is that early Leaf’s range isn’t so much more than 50 miles from the beginning, so it quickly becomes unbearable, especially with heat induced degradation of early batteries that earned Nissan bad name. Tesla’s batteries don’t degrade so much, they make about 3 times less charge/discharge cycles because of longer car range, and with bigger capacity degradation wouldn’t be that critical anyway.

Tesla’s price tag makes no sense for mass market though, so whatever way you spin it, you didn’t have battery technology for mass ICE replacement few years ago, and even now it is a stretch. This isn’t Nissan fault really, they can only use what is available to humans now and here, even if fans live in futuristic science fiction story where money doesn’t matter.

Ghosn is the hero of the EV Revolution.The Mitsubishi-Nissan-Renault Alliance could be the first with 1 Million Plug Ins sold worldwide!

“The Mitsubishi-Nissan-Renault Alliance could be the first with 1 Million Plug Ins sold worldwide!”

LOL. Yes, if you can’t do it yourself, you go out and buy others to achieve the goal.

So, so much for being an hero.. Yes, hero in picking up other auto business. LOL.

Ghosn as stated in the documentary is money guy, he clearly states that climate change to him is not what is relevant, what is however is what the consumers want from his company, uh…. the hell ever happened to that..? EV adopters have been knocking if not kicking at Nissan’s door to do something for its customers to improve and stay relevant and all Ghosn has done is stay quiet and sit back.. WTF kind of “pioneer” does that? LEAF owners have been left to fend for themselves, with mediocre support from Nissan dealers and a aging promise of a better BEV in the future..

Yes, Nissan is so committed to it that it ONLY brought 1 PEV model to the US and only 1 EV model to China..

Yes, those are two of the largest PEV market on the planet and yet Nissan only got 1 model each.

Ghosn is always good at talking up a good game and can’t back it up with anything. Typical crappy CEO talks.

They are a legacy auto company who makes most of their money selling ICE but still they have more commitment than any other legacy company in sales where it matters the most…

This site should just chamge there name to

Yes, you all are likely correct in your assessments, but nonetheless it is a complicated world and our personalities and our skills and our context all have their limits.

I still want to say a really big THANK YOU to Carlos Ghosn!

And of course to all the others doing what they have been able to do, including Elon Musk even if he does think we may be just a video game.



And the rest of you helping to move us along toward a future with an earth still alive and beautiful.

Mr. Ghosn where is your 200 mile EV for $35k?

They showed IDS last year, have you been sleeping?
You will not see much presentations and hype until old model stock will be sold out. Nissan is in business selling cars, not pumping and dumping shares and devaluing its current model cars even further is not in their interests.

z, Nissan has less than a months worth of Leafs in North American inventory, just 1380 of them. If they are going to deliver the Gen II Leaf, they should do it soon. They are getting the rep of being short legged and old fashioned to go with their former rep as being the worst battery pack out there.