CarCharging Restores Service to 200-Plus Highly Utilized Blink Public Chargers

DEC 19 2013 BY STAFF 6

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CarCharging Header

CarCharging is now in the process of “engaging a national network of electricians” to resume “servicing of Blink EV charging stations.”

CarCharging Brings Backs to Life 200 Blink Chargers

CarCharging Brings Backs to Life 200 Blink Chargers

According to CarCharging:

“Since its purchase of the Blink Network and all Blink-related assets a little more than a month ago, CarCharging’s service team has successfully restored service to more than 200 highly-utilized Blink public EV charging stations, including Level II and DC Fast chargers, in California, New Jersey, Tennessee, and the greater metropolitan areas of Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Portland, Oregon.”

A condensed list of the Blink EV charging stations that CarCharging brought back to life include:

* San Francisco: Facebook, Evernote, Intuit, Volkswagen (Belmont), Good Earth Market, and City of Hayward.
* Los Angeles: IKEA (Carson), Ralph’s (Marina del Rey), Loyola Marymount University, City of West Hollywood, The Grove.
* New Jersey: Rutgers University and Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems.
* Tennessee: City of Knoxville, Trillium Cove Shopping Village, The Avenue (Murfreesboro Shopping Center), Oak Ridge National Laboratory, The Chattanoogan Hotel, McDonald’s (Hendersonville), and various Cracker Barrel locations.
* Philadelphia: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Liberty Place Garage, Philadelphia Horticultural Society, and Parkway Corporation.
* Phoenix: AAA (Chandler), American Lung Association, Phoenix Hospital, and Two Renaissance Square.
* Portland: various Kohl’s and Fred Meyer locations, IKEA, Hilton (Eugene), City of Gresham, Clackamas Community College, Mercantile Medical Plaza, and Zipcar.
Michael D. Farkas, CEO of CarCharging, stated:

“Since we acquired the Blink assets, it has been our primary goal to rectify the existing maintenance issues and we are delighted to have already begun completing service requests.  As an EV driver myself, I understand the need for reliable and consistent charging, and we want to assure our hosts and customers that we are committed to completing the service requests in all areas as quickly as possible.”

CarCharging says that Blink customers with existing service tickets will be contacted directly in order to schedule service.  Service for the most utilized public charging stations will receive priority.

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This is old news from last month.

I am not impressed by CarCharging’s efforts. The popular DCQC at SDSU has been broken for two months now.

There are other L2 stations which I know are not working, either, and have been broken for some time.

Link to SDSU Blink DCQC:

One of the screens has been broken for at least 3 months. The other failed over 2 months ago leaving the station completely inoperable.

Really? Since they only took ownership “just a little over a month ago”, I thought this was pretty quick.

Don’t Blink 🙂

At the time of the PR release, yeah, it had been a bit over a month. But the as I noted the PR release is already a month old.

CarCharging completed the purchase of the Blink network just over 2 months ago.

The station I was referring to failed completely 2 months ago, but was half-way broken at least 3 months ago.

As you can see from Mike M’s post below, it is not the only one.

I dunno. To me i’m surprised anything happened in the first 6 months. 200 in just over a month is quick to me.

Really? The DCQC at the McDonald’s in Riverside has been down for months. I doubt it’s a hardware problem as the signage was placed on both DCQC and L2 Blinks saying out-of-order. The L2 however operates but the QC’s service disconnect is padlocked in the off position. Perhaps Blink owes the McDonald’s owner some fees and they said enough!

I call BS on “Service for the most utilized public charging stations will receive priority.”

This was a very busy location (just look at the plugshare feedbacks when operable) linking LA and OC to the desert. No more 🙁