CarCharging CEO Discusses Electric Cars – Video


Lots of hybrid & EV sales!

Lots of hybrid & EV sales!

CarCharging CEO, Michael Farkas lays it all out when it comes to electric cars.

In the video above, there are lots of questions asked by the reporter,¬†Michelle Makori, and we must say that absolutely agree with Farkas’ answers.

There is a brief discussion in regards to China’s EV sales and the nation’s environmental concerns.

If you still are skeptical of electric cars, especially where the energy comes from and what transportation option is “greener,” then this video with discussion from Farkas will guide you in the right direction.

Additionally, Farkas discusses the hot topic: price of gas dropping (supposedly to under $2/gallon).  His take?  Watch the video to find out.

Do you agree with Mr. Farkas’ statements?

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The chart showing “Hybrids & Electric” vehicles should probably read Plugin-Hybrid (PHEV) & All-Electric (BEV) vehicles. Data only shows PEV sales through Sept; not included are Oct and Nov sales which would show how little an effect gas prices have had.

this video is useful since it points to frequent attack points against ev’s.
1. They are not all that green. (B.S.)
2. They are expensive compared to ice especially with the price of gas coming down. (Gas would have to be around .80 cents to compete as a fuel, plus ev maintenance is much lower).
3. Limited range and charging capabilities.
(This is continually improving).
I wonder if the interviewers every think about the questions they are instructed to ask or are just parrots, repeating what they are told, or have heard? In other words I could plug in half a dozen interviews on ev’s that were very similar.

Another argument against the frequent attack point “where should all the electricity come from?”:

(electricity demand of refineries)

I like what he says about an EV being a superior product. That’s what I continually try to tell people when they ask me about my payback period or if I’m trying to save the environment. I will answer those questions, but then I’ll always come back and say that the real motivation for me had to do with the fact that the EV offers a better driving experience. People are often surprised by that answer. But after taking a test drive, and understanding how easy it is to fuel up at home, they usually understand.

“Wherever you park your car, wherever it sits dormant, there should be charging infrastructure available. And when that’s available we’re going to have a lot more EVs on the road.”

Absolutely true. If you can charge where you normally park, there is little reason not to get an EV.

Michael Farkas did a great job. He calmly answered the pointed questions that just would have raised my blood pressure and made me overly defensive.

EVs are a better product, and having charging available wherever they are sitting idle will make them even better.


Since they’r idling +90% of the time that make a lot of place to put the infrastructure in.
Also one point he didn’t get into, probably wisely to not confused the biased questinning, is that EV charging with dirty produced electrical powerplant ain’t as bad as it’s possible to use some of the otherwise wasted off peak prodcution that is prensently maintained anyway.
Still cleaning the grid is also needed as he said.

80% of Electrics charge at night Off Peak when there is excess energy and it gets dumped if not used. Utilities can’t store it or ramp down.

It takes more electric to refine OIL into gas that you can drive that far.

With all the Solar and Wind Utilities now have the DUCK Curve. They make more energy in the mid day than ever before, they want to use it and EV’s can do that.