CARB Filing Reveals Possible Return Of Tesla Model S 75 RWD

Tesla Model S


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

It appears as though Tesla discontinued the Model S 75 only to reinstate it for 2018.

We recently received our regular email with Tesla updates, which reminded that all Model S and X vehicles come standard with all-wheel drive. This is old news, though several publications recently put out a story on it, thinking it was something new. We reported six months ago that Tesla planned to remove the rear-wheel-drive (and least expensive) model prior to the arrival of the Model 3.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

When Tesla officially discontinued its Model S 75 after final deliveries were completed around September, the cheapest Model S became the 75D, which is priced at $74,500. The rear-wheel-drive, single-motor version was previously priced at $69,500. The thought was that the automaker wanted to put more space between the Model 3 and its flagship vehicles.

However, now there seems to be a reassessment of sorts. We know that Tesla would be more than happy to sell anyone a Model S or X instead of a Model 3. Production of the Model 3 has been a struggle, the waiting list is huge, and margins can’t likely compete with Tesla’s higher-priced cars.

Teslarati discovered automotive journalist, Bozi Tatarevic’s Tweet of updated CARB certificates for the Model S, X, and 3 for 2018. Not surprisingly, the 75D, 100D, and P100D are included and grouped together. However, below, in a second listing, you’ll see the 2018 Model S 75. Hmm …

The Model 3 starts at $35,000 before the federal EV tax credit, although you can’t get that model yet and won’t be able to for some time. The current, rear-wheel-drive Long Range Model 3 can cost as much as ~$60,000 fully loaded, so an all-wheel-drive dual-motor Model 3 will likely cost ~$70,000 or more. If people can afford that car, or even a loaded Long Range Model 3, then a Model S 75 would be doable.

We’ll have to wait and see how it all pans out.

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Looks like the Model 3 “bottlenecks” aren’t quite worked out yet, so makes sense Tesla is bringing back a cheaper Model S to entice 3 reservation holders to drop $70k on an entry S versus $60k on a loaded 3 until they can finally get out of Model 3 production hell.

That and/or Model S sales are sagging much more than they would like and they realized they needed a cheaper entry price point for the S.


At least the seats will OK.


Hey madbro when is that Bolt going to get an all wheel drive option? How about just some active cruise control like all most the other 40k cars can have?

Has the chevy plant reduced the output of bolts long enough to catch up with demand? How about we bet that even in production hell that more model 3 will sell than bolts will in January.


“…so an all-wheel-drive dual-motor Model 3 will likely cost ~$70,000 or more.”

Does anyone proofread anymore? A base dual motor M3 should be ~40k. Maybe a fully equipped one will be “~$70,000 or more”

Don’t scare us like this!


40k and several years in waiting for sure? time is money ….

Six Electrics

If Tesla can’t make the 35K price point profitable, expect options like AWD to increase in price.


Going off of past history, it will be available the last month of the quarter…

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I would’ve bought the MS75 but the MS is a biga$s boat of a car…

If I were to buy a big EV, I want a crew cab pickup.


Makes sense, since most makers don’t have $40,000 price gaps among offerings.

Tesla is probably seeing an inquiry uptick in Model S, since $55k Model 3’s come within 15k of an S75.


Tesla never built any but at one point the Model X instruction manual accessible online talked about a 2WD version for that as well. Also curious what the next version of the Tesla referral program will look like.