car2go San Diego Introduces All New 2014 Electric car2go Fleet


car2go San Diego

car2go San Diego

car2go San Diego, the largest electric carsharing fleet in the nation, announced that it will swap out its old smarts (powered by Tesla battery packs) for new ones – 2014 model year.

400 new smarts will be available to over 33,000 members in San Diego.

“car2go N.A. LLC, the largest carsharing company in the world, announced today that over 33,000 car2go San Diego members will have access to an all new electric smart fleet, beginning today.  The new fleet of four hundred powerful 2014 models, an upgrade from its 2010 model, will provide members a refreshed car2go experience when driving from Point A to Point B.”

“Since its launch, the car2go Home Area has expanded to 45 square miles within San Diego, providing members the flexibility to get to their destinations at their convenience without having to return the vehicle.  Today, car2go has seen over 1,000,000 car2go trips taken since its initial launch in San Diego in November 2011 as the largest electric carsharing fleet in the nation.”

car2go San Diego Location Manager, Will Berry stated:

“San Diego is fast becoming the nation’s electric vehicle capital, and with the largest electric carsharing fleet in the nation, we are proud to continue our commitment in preserving the local environment of our great city. The new 2014 vehicles, while maintaining the zero-emissions footprint, have a much smoother acceleration, and overall, a more comfortable car2go driving experience that our members will truly enjoy.”


  • One time sign up fee    $35 plus tax
  • Per minute    $0.41 plus tax
  • Per hour*    $14.99 plus tax
  • Per day*    $84.99 plus tax
  • Per mi after 150 mi per trip    45 cents, plus tax

*discount for hourly and daily rate applies to continuous use of the same vehicle.

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Car2go is a great success here on Calgary! Addition of an electric fleet would be huge! Would be a good idea to partner with the city to help install more L2 charging!

What happens with the old electric Smart? can we buy it?.

ya sure, for twice the price!

In Amsterdam the same happend. Last November and December they swapped the 300 smarts edrive from 2010 for 350 2014 models. No more sweating on the motorway:-) max speed from 60 to 75 mph.

Top speed is 84 in the ED

but that is only in 2014 model, not in 2010 model.

dang they were using the old ones?

The new electric smarts are a hundred times better than the tesla battery pack ones!