What Car? Readers Check Out and Comment On BMW i8 – Video


What do ordinary everyday Joes and Janes think of the BMW i8?

BMW i8

What Car? Readers Chime in With Their Thoughts on the BMW i8

To find out, What Car? invited its readers to check out and comment on a production version of the BMW i8 that the German automaker kindly provided just for that purpose.

As What Car? states:

“BMW’s second plug-in hybrid model is the i8 supercar. It combines futuristic technology and styling with electric performance in every sense of the word. See what What Car? readers made of the car.”

We like how What Car? adds in which vehicle the commenters currently drive, as that provides us with some idea of why a particular comment is made.

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They all sound as if they are teen agers!

Someone should come up with a V8 tomato juice like commercial where the owner of an i8 gets smacked on the forehead and told “you could have bought a Tesla Model S”.