What Car? Readers Assess Tesla Model S – Video


Drives An Audi A5, But What Does He Think Of The Tesla Model S?

Drives An Audi A5, But What Does He Think Of The Tesla Model S?

“The stunning Tesla Model S gets assessed by a team of What Car? readers.”

We rather like how What Car? conducts this informal assessment.

First, each reader’s name is listed, followed by the current vehicle he or she drives.

Then, the Likes and Dislikes in regards to the Tesla Model S are posted.

So, for example, Teddie Cowell drives an Audi A5:

  • Likes:  Technology, easy to drive
  • Dislikes:  Frameless windows, small numbers

Hat tip to offib!

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Everyone is going have a different emphasis, but this was a very positive review overall. One person felt the touchscreen was a too large, another something similar but that you get used to it. Some also mentioned regenerative braking as something you have to get used too.
I think our ability to adapt to change is the natural evolved response that kicks in on an almost subconscious level, though certainly it can be consciously directed, whenever we are faced with novel situations in familiar settings. In this instance, sure you are driving but it feels odd, some learning curve is involved for the more complex tasks, navigating the touch screen, for instance, but for more simple and mechanical/feel tasks, you learn it quickly.

It’s quaint how conservative the Brits react about obvious tech in a vehicle. I think a lot of that comes from European automakers leaking very tiny bits of it into their vehicles over the years…

Regenerative braking IS something that takes time to learn. Once you’ve mastered it, however, you will wonder how you ever drove without it.