Car Fantasy: Chreos EV Press Release Makes Bold Claims (Video)


It’s faster than a Ferrari 458 Spider! It’s more powerful than a Nissan GT-R! It goes further on a single charge than any EV has ever gone before! (That will be convenient for the inevitable John Broder test drive.) It’s the Silex Chreos! Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. Yet.

On Friday, Silex Power Limited announced plans to proceed with the development of the aforementioned “upmarket electric fastback sedan.” The press release was met with a healthy dose of skepticism surrounding the company’s targeted performance specifications: 0 – 60 in 2.9 seconds, 621 miles of range on a single charge at an average speed of 77 miles per hour, and 10 minutes to charge a fully drained battery to 100%.

Silex claims that the quick charging will utilize a proprietary “Hypercharge” technology. The new charging method requires expensive lithium batteries with modified cathodes and a charger with thick copper wires to accommodate the high current input. Air vents on the front of the car will open when it’s hypercharging, presumably so it doesn’t melt itself. Silex says the car will also be equipped with a port for charging from traditional outlets.

Racer X Design is credited with the beautiful renderings, and Silex says the Chreos will be ready for limited production by 2015. That’s all well and good, but it begs a question. What does Silex know about charging batteries that Tesla Motors and the major automakers don’t?

We’d be delighted if this vehicle were to be produced, but we’ve heard this song a few times before. Remember the Steenstra Styletto? We’re still waiting. In the meantime, enjoy some Youtube EV sport sedan goodness.

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Sounds like they need investors… they should have said it flies too…


What? You mean it doesn’t? That’s it, I want my deposit back.

Just taking a moment to welcome Rob Scardino to the InsideEVs writing family. Rob is a very proficient and technical writer. And has previously written for Green Car Reports.

Glad to have you aboard!

Glad to be part of it. Thanks for the opportunity!

Sounds like (if it ever comes to fruition) a car for rich people to either:

A) put it in a glass case and never drive it
B) drive/charge the hell out of it, and treat it like a disposable car.

It looks like company from Malta, not really a well known high tech country. On the other end I like its ideal proposition, 621 miles range and charging in 10 minutes. It would take a 125 KWh battery to do that and a 750 KW charger. That kind of power although high is not impossible to make in the context of a dedicated public charging station. On the battery side you would have to prefer multi serial configurations to increase the voltage as much as possible. A higher voltage means more power for a set wire section. At 400 V, 750 KW mean 1875 A which takes about 375 mm² section wires. That is a square of 2 cm by 2 cm. If you increase Voltage to 4000 V, you can do it with a 38 mm² section, which is a square of 6 mm by 6 mm. So technically yes it is possible, but you still have to adapt the battery to fill up so fast. The 7000 celles in the Model S give 85 KWh so you would need 10294 for 125 KWh. Theoretically in charging mode you could arrange them all in serial mode so that you… Read more »

Lithium titanate batteries could support these power levels and performance based on the manufacturers specs. (AltairNano)

621 miles at 77 mph? Seems more like it would take about 250 kwh, so that a 10 minute charge would be 1500 kw assuming 100% efficiency or 3000 kw assuming 50 % efficiency, which i’d say is more like it. The heat loss would be at over 5 million BTU’s./hour rate, or enough to heat a 100,000 sq ft commercial building.

If they could do 1% of what they say, or only ONE of the things they say they’d corner the market. 621 miles range even with a slow 6.6 kw charger would be much better than anyone could reasonably expect. So why invest in a fast charger since what people want is the car in the first place? 120 hp would be fine, 630 hp isn’t needed.

Sounds like someone’s wet dream to me.

What’s needed is a folks BEV that works – not another misbegotten supercar.

I don’t think we’re seeing any real photos. I think this is just somebody’s Visualization Software. Or else its put out by the Tourism Industry for Malta for people trying to locate the non-existent factory.

More non-real photos added

I have some wicked photoshop skills, I could probably add some unicorns (or llamas…of which I have an extensive background working with) in there as well if you like Eric?

Dare you to Jay…Let’s see what you’ve got

Perhaps we could design some vaporware electric vehicle of our own

Eric Loveday
February 24, 2013 at 7:09 pm
“Dare you to Jay…Let’s see what you’ve got”

…that just happened

(and yes Rob, this is the kind of professional crew you are writing with now)

Lol. Where’s the quadricorn?

It’s not vaporware…Look…It’s out in the wild on a dirt trail somewhere…It must be real…Time to invest!!

EEStor via Zenn has made several announcements of “success” with their vapor-capacitor. It is only a matter of time before GM, Nissan and the rest will be trying to scoop up Zenn. Better buy some stock now while it is cheap!