Car & Driver Reviews Tesla Model S P85D


Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S.

Tesla’s Model S P85D acts like a car built on the mantra “Waiting is for suckers,” states Car & Driver in its review of the Tesla Model S P85D.

Tesla Model S P85D.

Tesla Model S P85D.

Car & Driver is highly impressed with the acceleration of the P85D. Its acceleration is unlike anything out there today. 0 to 60 takes only 3.1 seconds. That’s impressive when you consider it weighs just shy of 5,000 lbs.

Car & Driver adds that the Model S’ cabin is quiet and calm, and that it “would make a Lexus engineer envious.” There’s this too:

“The cabin calm at 70 mph would make a Lexus engineer envious. Fully goosed, it’s only slightly louder. The big battery pack in the floor acts like a giant lithium-ion mattress and muffles out road noise. Suspension crash barely registers, and even big whacks to the 21-inch wheels are nonviolent confrontations.”

However, at the same time, Car & Driver says the P85D handles corners like a dream. The change of direction is done swiftly and efficiently.

Who could forget the Model S’ glory of plugging in overnight and waking up to a full 209-285 mile range, and that “Supercharging” takes ~30 minutes for an 80% charge?

You can check out Car & Driver‘s full review of the Tesla Model S P85D by clicking here.  We do encourage you to read it.  It’s well done and entertaining.  Definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

Tesla Model S - Next Gen seats, available on the P85D.

Tesla Model S – Next Gen seats, available on the P85D.

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It has air-suspension, it should not have any Crashing road bumps, that’s what only a spring suspension can give you.

OMG, did I just read an article where the author isn’t a total clutz about range? No more, I drive it down to 3 miles of range, and I was TERRIFIED I couldn’t find a Charger.

Times are changing.

I read some of the comments on the C&D article. Wow, talk about mis-informed anti-EV trolls. I don’t have the time.

Yeah, the comments of ICEheads on auto forums that review EVs are scary with their level of willful ignorance.

Rednecks and Gearheads will either be uplifted as the technology spreads, or they’ll eventually be fined for driving “rolling coal” antiques.


I think the wheels on the right side (pic 20) are wrong mounted.

“The cabin calm at 70 mph would make a Lexus engineer envious.”

That’ll get Lexus’ Execs all worked into a tizzy. Wonder what Tesla bashing propaganda piece they’ll dream up next?

It will be cool to see C&D’s test numbers on this car…especially once the updates to improve acceleration and freeway “coasting” (or whatever Tesla are calling the rear motor disengage type function). All the numbers in this article are just estimates. While the acceleration numbers have little practical value (i.e. 3.1 to 60 vs. 2.8 to 60 are materially the same) it is all about “bragging rights” in the performance (and MARKETING of performance) spectrum. I admit, after my last P85+ (non D) test drive I was a tad less impressed with the P85’s acceleration on the freeway. It is definitely a drag racer.