Captain Planet Pitches Ford Focus EV (w/video)


Focus Electric!

Focus Electric!

Ford has licensed Captain Planet and the Planeteers to help promote the Focus Electric in a new commercial spot.

This advertisement recently appeared on Ford’s Twitter page.

Ford doesn’t often promote its plug-in electric cars, so we’re thrilled to see the automaker get behind its only pure electric car.

Hopefully, the spot can break the “soon to be 100+ mile” EV out of its sales funk, as the all-electric Ford has sold between 53 and 198 copies per month in 47 of the past 48 months (check out the historical monthly sales of the Focus EV and other plug-ins for the US on our monthly sales scorecard here).

As Autoblog explains:

“Captain Planet, of course, was a show broadcast in the early 1990s that carried a none-too-subtle environmental message…(the Planeteers are uniting to summon Captain Planet with their five magic rings) that is now used to highlight the Focus Electric.”

Source: Autoblog

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Wow. Someone at Ford doesn’t know what de-interlacing is and how evil it is to leave a video interlaced AND scale it down. Are we sure this isn’t a fan-made video with such an amateurish video production mistake?

I thought the same thing. An amateur could have made this in their bedroom in about an hour’s worth of work.

Hmm, this feels like more of the, “Hey look at our little niche offering.” As to not eat into the regular Focus sales.

Until the big OEMs try to convert their own customers to electric (not just conquest), it will still feel like compliance to me.

At least Ford is consistent.

They didn’t spend much designing the vehicle. And they certainly aren’t spending a lot to advertise it, either.

In the TV Show Captain planet they had a episode were the villain Hogish Greedy tries to take over a advanced clean car factory. that makes advanced fuel a car that looks like the Tesla Model X called the Good Air Sadan.

In the storyline Hogish Greedy says people will never drive the Good Air Sadan in that they want Horse Power and lots of Options.

Of course Hogish never knew about the Tesla having more horse power then most dino juice cars on the road and tons of options.

FORD just isn’t committed but they do have a great battery system. My 3 year lease in HOT Phoenix never lost even 1% capacity. If they had a DC Fast Charge Port and efficient heat pump I would buy one in a heart beat.

Agreed that if it had a CCS port and heat pump that would help immensely. The real problem now is that they took so long to make this incremental change that they and the other 100 milers will be fighting over a smaller piece of the pie when the 200 milers come out.

The FFE gets crapped on here but given what they go for used, I think they’d be a fantastic value as a second car. As a single-car family we didn’t think we could pull it off and we ended up with a C-Max Energi instead.


Ford just doesn’t get it. EV is primarily associated with “green”, and there’s no need to advertise that. Better would’ve been advertising that FFE was called “poor man’s Tesla” for being luxurious by car and driver.

Even better would be spending that money on adding DCFC and/or making it more powerful so that it can actually compete against gas cars in its price range. But I doubt Ford wants to kill Fiesta ST / Focus ST sales by making more powerful EV.

I always enjoy any FFE posts because of the rash of slams on the car afterwards. Funny how the LEAF garners no such fury and other than not being a compliance car and a purpose build electric vehicle, it is clearly inferior in my biased opinion. Appointments, handling, appearance – get real guys.

I agree with your comparison of the FFE vs the Leaf. I got tired of searching for an FFE, so I went to the Ford website and hit the Chat button. The nearest FFE to my North AL location was in North Carolina.

Fords biggest FFE problem is their dealerships. There is an Authorized FFE dealership ~ 40 miles from where I live and they had trouble selling the first two they ever got, so they haven’t stocked one in the several years since. Of course, they never advertised it and you wouldn’t know they had it unless you asked specifically if they did. Go figure?