Capitol Kia Shows Dealers How To Sell EVs: Reviews 2015 Soul EV – Video

NOV 20 2014 BY JAY COLE 17

We have done a few reviews on the Kia Soul EV, even a “how far can it really go” range test (props to our guy Tony for that effort!), as well as shown some third party test drives we felt were fairly balanced and deserved notice.

Fair disclaimer: The above video is produced with the greatest of self-interest, by the number 1 Kia dealership (Capital Kia, San Jose) in California … where the Soul EV is primarily sold.

How To Sell An EV (by Capital Kia in San Jose)

How To Sell An EV (by Capital Kia in San Jose)

So why feature it here when clearly there will be a bias in play before anyone starts to watch?

Well, it is because of the professionalism and the enthusiasm this one particular dealership has towards electric vehicles; something we don’t nearly see enough of.

The review hits all the main talking points for those familiar with plug-in technology and also for those who are not; all the while not be “two preachy” or continually asking for the sale.

If you are a dealer looking to sell and educate your customer, watching this video would be a good start.

So if you are looking for a Soul EV in the San Jose area, Capital Kia gets our ‘head nod’ of approval.   And no, nobody ask or paid us to feature their advertisement.

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Wow, what a blast of fresh air marketing concidering the complete failure of the other OEM’s to get their dealers to promote the #ElectricFueledVehicle let alone not scorn it.


Articles On Charged EVs and Green Car Reports. Amazing that we are pushing 300,000 in sales in just the last 36 months since Chevy Volt EREV and Nissan LEAF left limited beta marketing in November of 2011 and National, US sales began.

“Are auto dealers the EV’s worst enemy?”

The Links-

“Many Car Dealers Don’t Want To Sell Electric Cars: Here’s Why”

“Why Some Dealers Are Inept At Selling Plug-In Electric Cars”

Let’s Change This NOW!


Thomas J. Thias

Sundance Chevrolet Inc.


It amazes me how much excitement there is around the Soul EV and it almost seems like Kia is really serious about entering the EV market. Yet, they keep saying only 5,000 per year. I’m pretty sure they could sell 4 or 5 times that many. What is the hold up?

Didn’t they say 5k in the US for the 1st year? Sounds to me like a reasonable, perhaps a tad cautious, ramp-up plan.

When we got our 2012 Leaf 20 months after its US launch, there were about 13k of them nationwide. Even after launching the very popular 2013 models, Nissan struggled to attain more than 25k cars/year out of Smyrna until some point in 2014.

So yes, high-volume production ramp-up takes time, usually several years. Especially for a new technology whose consumer-end teething problems are anyone’s guess.

As further evidence you have the cautionary tale of the Volt, for which GM set up huge production capacity but didn’t follow through with marketing, forcing them to down the production line for multiple stretches of time at a substantial cost.

So no, I wouldn’t count Kia’s 5k/year for the 1st year (and to my recollection, a larger count worldwide) as “not being serious”.

Also, just for perspective: the world’s leading automaker (at least brand-wise), Toyota, after having banked its entire good name on the FCV, is planning to make only a paltry few thousand FCVs worldwide, total, during the first 3 years.

I could be wrong, but I thought they said 5,000 worldwide in previous articles.
And yes, build them already!

Not at all, any new model comes in tens of thousands on the first year. It takes just alittle TV ad to fire sales!
Dealerships are still hiding the Leafs.
Petro engine car makers are not serious about take a green turn.
Kia couls sell its Soul in all States and all provinces of Canada. We are lucky in Québec, We will have some … 50 !

If you need to sell someone your EV then its not worth buying.

A great car in general sells itself. Aka the Tesla

You could never sell me this dorky box, i would never spend my money on no style

You might consider that other people, quite a few actually, would have “style” way down the list when they contemplate buying a car.

It is basically a utilitarian product, after all. To get your family and its stuff around.

The soul has its own style and his success shows that it has its place in the urban cars market.

The Soul is Kia’s #2 selling vehicle, right behind the Optima. There are quite a few people that like it.

Great video and a great EV. A bit of a correction needs to be made at the six minute mark “it will save about $8000 per year in fuel cost”

Best to reference something like the doe calculator so each person can accurately assess their own savings.

Otherwise, nice presentation!

I am guessing that he was thinking about the $8000 difference in the price of an ICE Kia Soul and crossed it in his presentation.

5000 they say 2013 in the beginning. Few months later they said will produce more.

I had to go back and listen to it again, but he definitely claims you will save $8000 PER YEAR by using electricity instead of gas. How inefficient is the gas Soul?!?

But seriously, I’m pretty sure he meant $8000 over 5 years, as that’s what the sticker will say. (Technically $8250)

Most importantly – going from Basic, to All In – is just a $2,000 Difference!

“If you are a dealer looking to sell and educate your customer, watching this video would be a good start.”

But don’t bother if you are a dealer outside the compliance car zone.

Love the way he says “asyn-CROW-nous motor”.

Yeah, I caught that too. I’m half tempted to go to a dealer and ask what that word* means.

*Yes, I know how the word is pronounced and what it means.