You Can’t Order A Tesla Until After A Big Announcement At 5:00 EST


We’ll have the official news when it drops at 5:00 EST (2:00 PST).

If you had intended to purchase a Tesla Model S, Model X, or Model 3 this afternoon, forget about it. When you click on the “purchase” option of any of models on automaker’s website, you’ll be redirected to a screen bearing the message “The wait is almost over.” So, what does it all even mean?

Yesterday, CEO Elon Musk tweeted a series of cryptic messages (embedded below) that point to an announcement of some sort. While some may have thought he was talking about finally revealing the long-awaited Supercharger Version 3 update, this suspension of orders points to something bigger.

Could it be the $35,000 Model 3 will now become available? Or, does it have something to do with the Model Y? Come join us for an hour of speculation in Comments!

Musk just changed his Twitter avatar to a black Tesla Model 3.

This is a developing story…

H/T to Daniel Zorrilla and Earl of Frunkpuppy

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66 Comments on "You Can’t Order A Tesla Until After A Big Announcement At 5:00 EST"

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FSD or different options on the 3? 1 Hour to find out?

Hardware 3.0 announcement probably. For full FSD it’s still too early, but I guess they will add the option again.

Yes, what I mean by FSD is HW 3 with maybe some features from FSD enabled (start rolling out a few updates, who knows, stop sign recognition or anything that might eventually work to FSD).

I think that’s correct.

Nice, it was both!

Funding Secured !



Good one.

It was funny the first 100 times or so.

$35,000 car is here but I secretly hope they are announcing the Model Y but I doubt it as why not cash in on M3 sales rather than have people delay buying something because they now go on the Model Y wait list.

Maybe possible, but I suspect we have more warning for that, media event, etc.

Tesla Scooter.

Autonomous flamethrower.

400 mile Model S.

You heard it here first, ha.

Model S/X battery changes and base Model 3 is my guess.

And I was almost done with the sales predictions article. This might throw a wrench in it.

That’s what I was thinking because what someone would order today won’t be what they will be manufacturing, so sales are suspended until the announcement. While at the same time the base Model 3, since they should all be on the same cell technology, easing production.

Then again the production model of Y was approved months ago and Tesla needs to start production in the US to work out the details before launching in China in 4th qtr. But this may need to wait until 3rd quarter.

I am also betting on more range and lower price for the base Model 3 than the 220 and $35k.

Also an update on the Supercharger network.

A Tesla Model Y launch would typical be a party to loosen up wallets, getting the reservations going. Then having SuperCharger 3.0 as the “one more thing.”

Better to lock in orders that will make sales this year, before taking reservations for future year sales.

Elon stepping down/being removed from Tesla board.

Tesla adopting North American CCS, so a new option will be available on the order screen.

Well, it’s also comes up from on the UK site and we don’t have the M3 yet, so I don’t think it’s anything to do with the M3. Could be a new model or battery size.

My guess: A Model 3 ~$729/month “subscription” option… with a new car update each 36 months… and/or $35K Model 3.

That’s my guess. Likely they will now lease the Model 3. Either that or opening the books on the SR3, or possibly just releasing the actual performance specs for the SR3.

I thought lease availability.

Maybe the Pick up truck in addition to the 35K 3 and Model Y?

10% reduction on all Tesla prices worldwide.

Model 3 Roof Rack available. Finally!


• Model Y
• $35k Model 3
• Tesla Pickup
• New batteries based on Maxwell tech
• Something to do with home solar/storage

This reminds me of the old days waiting for Steve Jobs to do a big Apple announcement.


35K M3. Final answer.

No, a Pickemup Truck there sir!

Ha. Well, a feller needs a way to haul his e-bike around once in a while. (at least I do, beings I sent the wheel out for a re-build).

/how’s the Captain?
//you’re like the only guy who can collect vote downs faster than me. Impressive.

Been busy for a long while. Still visit my Cheers location for beer and chickenwings at H( . y . )ters.
Haven’t had much time to visit EV sites and post…….lol

lol. probably just as well. Too many “surly Joes” around these parts nowadays.

More’s the pity.

Definitely Full Self Driving/Update to new Hardware 3

Battery refresh. All models getting a 50 mile buff, no change in price.

Right Hand Drive M3…I Hope!!

It would have to be the base Model 3, wouldn’t it? Revealing a new model would be a big event with press and whatnot, just like the S, X, 3, Semi & Roadster.

And what are people waiting for the most from Tesla, with the greatest consternation and anxiety (consumers & investors globally), than the $35k Model 3? That would affect orders, though it wouldn’t affect the S and X, you would think.

Well, Musk got what Tesla always needs – more clicks without spending a penny…

Given the opportunity wordplay here…
1. $35k model 3
2. Supercharger V3
3. Product announcement announcement. (Reveal of a reveal date)

Maybe Tesla bought Zero motorcycles – I wish

Model Y reveal event date, reduced price (along with debundled options) for all vehicles, Model 3 leasing, updated S/X including front and rear bumpers and self driving target date…Possibly new Roadster 2.0 details included some “thruster” details?

My guess is that it is related to the recent acquisition, more range for same price

“Great things are launching at 2pm”


That means more than just ONE thing.

But why would they suspend orders for all three EV models?

And why only for a period of one hour? Why not for a full day?

All three EV models will get a certain change in options.

Perhaps an important sotware update?

Perhaps all three EV models will be equipped with that new chip for Autopilot functionality?

We will know it in about 10 minutes.

Now says, “Great things are launching shortly”

Nothing happens on time at Tesla. We should know this by now.

Optional exhaust pack across the range.

That blow out huge fake smoke on demand that smells like your choice of vape juice.

Bloomberg News reporting the $35,000 Model 3 is about to become real. Also states vehicle will have a smaller battery pack and standard interior. There will be a $2500 option package for an upgraded interior according to Bloomberg. Tesla stock has been halted in after hours trading.

Shifting world wide sales to online only.
$35,000 Model 3 range will be 223 miles.
$35,000 Model 3 maximum MPH = 130.

Bloomberg TV has live coverage at

Maybe the pickup.

My WAG is that the $35k Model 3 is announced. I think the elephant icon and tusk were a reference to Horton Hatches the Egg; “I meant what I said and and I said what I meant, an elephant’s faithful one hundred percent.”



Was just on the Model 3 configurator – it’s amazing, the $35k option and a surprising variety of selectable configurations!!

Basic interior retains all glass roof surprisingly.

Delivery 2-4 weeks is the biggest shocker.

Tesla retail outlets have received an email about $35000 M3 options, including partial premium option to be available in Q2.

It’s the $35k Model 3. You can order one now, in any color as long as that color is black. Autopilot $3k extra, FSD $5k.

All of you trolls – eat your hat. The 35K model 3 is here. You are about to have a very bad day.

Standart Range 26950$, Standard Range Plus 28.950$, Mid Range 31950$, Long Range 34950$

That is after fuel savings calc

I’ll give it an honorable mention. …. $39,500 plus destination (when you figure in paint and basic autopilot).

Probably closer than I thought they were going to get.


Internet sales only from now on.