Canadian EV Demand Is So Strong That Customers Wait Months On Lists


So, what’s this all aboot?

Right now, uncounted toque-wearing Canadians are staring despondently into their double-double Timmies (that’s coffee with lots of cream and sugar from the Tim Hortons coffee and donut chain) wondering when they’ll ever be able to buy an electric vehicle. You see, folks in the Great White North like electric cars, but demand is so strong would-be buyers are sitting on waiting lists instead of behind steering wheels of electric vehicles.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reports that, according to a study by Clean Energy Canada appropriately titled “Batteries Not Included,” some would-be buyers in the Western-most Province of British Colombia are facing wait times as long as 18 months for electric vehicles. In fact, as many as 60 percent of dealers there don’t have a single EV on their lots. The problem seems to be more exacerbated the further north you go.

We’ve seen some of this problem highlighted on the InsideEVs Forum. One very popular thread focuses on Canadians waiting for their Clarity Plug-In Hybrid to become available. The demand is also reflected there by another thread full of folks who have pre-ordered the Hyundai Kona Electric.

The demand for electric vehicles north of the border is understandable. Despite the longer distances Canadians might drive and the deleterious effect of cold weather on range, gas prices in the Provinces are higher there than in the U.S., and many come across the border regularly to fill up their tanks. Some Provinces also have incentive programs which has helped fuel demand.

To help convince automakers to send more EVs their way, the B.C. government is considering joining Quebec in adopting a California-like program that would require them to sell a minimum amount of electric vehicles. Proposed sales targets for EVs are 5 percent by 2020, 10 percent by 2025, and 30 percent by 2030.

That should, eventually, help the nearly half of the population who, a couple years ago, said they would consider going electric for their next vehicle purchase.

Source: CBC

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At the Tesla Motors Club forum, the “Model 3 Canada – Confirmed Orders Only thread” is up to 2440 posts!

“You see, folks in the Great White North like electric cars…”

Four demerits on your roundup of Canuck stereotypes, Domenick, for failing to work in any reference to mounties, moose, maple leaves, or Nanook of the North!

Now, I shall console myself by binge watching the Orphan Black series.

It’s worse than that! No poutine! (which I love, but have been deprived of since moving south)

Also, no Ti-Jean.

What? No Beaver ?!?!?

Here you go:comment image

did you forget about lumber jacks driving around in snowmobiles ? ……

Forgot to mention that we also just legalized pot two days ago…clearly Canada is the best!

You are just following states like Colorado and California that did this years ago.

And now, if you obey WTO, you will have to open your borders to imports of pot from China and Drug Lords.
America does not since our feds did NOT legalize it.

It’s not only gas prices that affect the demand here. I think a subset of Canadians feel like driving electric is important, doing our part to help, because we’re concerned enough about climate change.

Jean-François Morissette

And in Quebec, we probably have the cheapest electricity rates and among the highest gas price in North America, so it can make sense financially for some also.

And our electricity in many places in Canada, especially Quebec, is clean.

Yup. Quebec, Ontario & BC all have lots of hydro, so no reason not to use it…

actually no. Most of your electricity comes from Nuclear, not hydro.
BUT, your electricity is pretty darn clean.

That’s great Marcel. Most of us here in Trump land are convinced climate change is a Chinese conspiracy. So thanks for doing your part! 😁

and many residents of ‘Trump land’ where asking for resettlement possibilities up to the white north ( Canada EH )

And, still some supposedly well advise journalist, politician, John Doe or whoever, say’s there’s no sufficient demand.
Life is a pity!

Look at the sales numbers…they don’t sell so there is no demand…that’s their main argument….LOL.

Yeah, I love that logic.

Legacy Car makers: “Look how low the sales numbers are! There’s clearly no demand!”

Me: I don’t see many plug-in cars sitting in lots…are you sure it’s not a supply problem?

Legacy Car makers: “Look at the sales numbers! They’re so low!”

Me: Yeah, but there are long waiting lists and limited selection, have you tried making more plug-in cars available? I’m thinking those numbers would go up…!

Legacy Car makers: “But they only account for <1% of the market share! No one wants them!"

Me: Actually it's closer to 2% now and seems to be doubling every year so…

Tesla: Hold my beer.

Nice, love this report Domenick and the humour! Yes, us “Canukle-heads” are a patient lot as the world knows, and we in the Great White North will gladly wait 12-18 months for an EV, especially a BEV. On the serious side, with Tesla aside (as their does not seem to be any delivery issues if one wants to spend upwards of $70K on a Model 3 or more for S/X), we are seeing some better inventory levels here from the other manufacturers in Ontario for some models – obvious with the Incentives now gone EV sales have slowed down. However, even with that, some models are still as rare as an albino Loon! I believe the long waits are simply because manufacturer allocations to our frozen tundra are not a top priority as Canada as a whole represents a very small automobile market (I believe NY State is a much larger market). So we get our EVs in dribs and drabs via Rail and Trucks. However, our momentum in EV adoption has gained ground and we are trending in the 2-percent club for overall market penetration of EVs for CY2018, which is a great sign and fuels what you and… Read more »

I agree that the U.S. generally gets a better allotment, but in the case of the Hyundai Kona Electric, Canada seems to be ahead: not only does it look like you’ll get them sooner, but I also would not be surprised if you got more of them.

I know that the 600 Kona Electric allotted to Quebec are sold out, and the next allotment is in 2020.

Well at least Tesla smiled on you for a time, when they wanted not to hit 200k delivered in the U.S.

Those on waiting lists get priority over cars stuffing on dealer’s lots.
If you wait for the cars to show up on dealer’s lots, like those lazy southern neighbors in their 48 states, you will wait far longer than the 12-18 months that the waiting lists are now.

And still we have the old industry guys like Lutz saying “there is No demand”
If they say it often enough- they might believe Its true before they face bankwupsy..

I believe his name is pronounced “Putz”…


Same long wait-list over in Europe: Ioniq & Kona up to 18 month, Leaf > 12 month, E-Golf also up to 12 month.

I live in Vancouver and had to buy a used old leaf.
If I wanted new I would have to pay way too much, wait for a year or dream of a life where Tesla money isn’t the worst financial choice ever….
Oh well my beat up little transportation pod will have to do until real EV’s are actually for sale here.
Oh and a huge piece that is over looked is the huge market of used leafs bring brought up from the US!! Worth an article right there I assume.

Depends on what you want to settle for in a plug-in. Plenty of 2018 and 2019 Volts to be had at the top sell GM EV dealer in Canada. Located in Rawdon Quebec. Last time I was their admiring their new Solar roofed EV charging stations I saw at least half a dozen unsold Premium Bolts hanging around in the back. Their 52,000 Cdn MRSP may be a hard sale for some. No LT Bolts in sight though. Dozens of Volts.

Quebec is the outlier for Canada, EV’s are much easier to come by there. Try looking at the used market in Oilberta or somewhere. I have a friend in Calgary interested in going electric. I did an AutoTrader search for her the other day and only 9 plug-ins came up for sale for the entire province! They were all 2017 and 2018 Volts (and I think 1 Tesla S) so none of them were under $40k except for a single random, lonely iMiEV.

Heck, my used Leaf came from Quebec but that’s because Quebec is just across the river for me. Definitely the land of relative EV plenty over there, not so much for the rest of the country.

I wonder if Tesla could build another battery factory in Ontario?
They have cheap electricity. They have cobalt, though less of an issue in the future.
In addition, it is time to focus on getting li and REMs from North America, not from China.