Canadian Company Offers To Cover Employee Reservation Cost For Tesla Model 3


Traction on Demand winter retreat TeslaMondo

Traction on Demand on winter retreat. Clearly Canadian.


TeslaMondo reached out to the company (Traction On Demand) for some bullet points about this Model ☰ incentive program. Block your ears, because here come them bullets:

  • Almost 200 people in the company. 65% of respondents have said they’re going to take advantage of the program.
  • Around 10 people put down deposits before the program began and they have been reimbursed.
  • We expect to see over 100 Teslas in the parking lot once the orders are fulfilled.
  • Our building has already committed to 3 charging stations, and we’re looking to grow that number based on the response to this program.
  • Greg Malpass is Traction’s Founder and CEO – he purchased his Model S in 2014.
  • We’re a software consulting and development firm and we’ve actually done work with Tesla Motors themselves.
  • The purpose of the program is to inspire our community of employees as well as other purpose driven organizations to invest in sustainable technologies, like the Model 3.

Greg Malpass, Founder and CEO of Traction, stated:

“While Tesla vehicles have been on the road for 8 years, the Model 3 brings this technology to the masses. As a Software-as-a-Service provider in BC that has specific policies to reduce air travel, Traction meets stringent environmental standards. This program is a proactive move to put our dollars into action and to invest in the single most important thing there is, our planet. We hope to inspire others to do the same.”

More details here.

Imagine, for a minute, if this trend spreads to other companies. The world does contain, um, quite a few companies.

Traction on Demand TeslaMondo

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Good to know that some companies are getting behind electric cars.

deborah crazy train flower power

TRUE DAT….That is excellent !!!!!!!!!!

Three Electrics

I wonder if Google will offer a similar program. They’ve installed hundreds of EVSEs on their campuses.


That’s a company I’d love to work for…


Google does give free charging to employees but I don’t find any other payments to EV owners yet.


Bank of America/Merrill Lynch offers its employees $4000 for the purchase of a zero emission vehicle or $2000 for a 3 year lease. They have had the program in place now for at least 3 years.


Oh Canada, land of the freeze.

Mitesh Damania

$1k is nothing

Big Solar

Actually, it is something.


It’s mostly nothing, 3 zeros, but the 1 preceding those zero’s makes it something.

Big Solar

I’ll give you both my address and you can send me nothing and mostly nothing in the mail. I will do more than nothing in trade.


I concluded by saying that’s something, agreeing with you. So you would get nothing from me. People seems to expect something for nothing though these days.


Well, guess where the SC network is going to be fleshed-out first for our Canadian neighbors…

…not meant as a jab, just as an observation. The reveal and Tweets since then have noted that the SC network priorities will be partially driven by the geographic distribution of Model ☰ reservations.

Speaking of reservations, I would really like to know a country breakdown of the reservations. I wonder how many are in the US, by Tesla’s defined regions? I sincerely doubt they’ll ever reveal that much detail, but at least a country breakdown would be very interesting.

Maybe someone already has a blog post going somewhere on the web, asking reservation holders to volunteer their city/state/country? Some owners did that sort of thing for Model S reservations prior to first deliveries.



The Model Three Tracker is located here:

Everyone who has reserved a Model Three is encouraged to register and submit their data. Users can also input several types of vehicle options, including their comments for or against them. This way, we can generate more useful reports with better geographic breakdowns, option preferences, average vehicle costs, etc., as we move forward and track progress into final production.


Here are some stats based on initial data from those who’ve added themselves to the Tracker:

For US reservations:

Current Tesla Owners 20%
Regular Reservation 79%
Other 1%

When/how were reservations made:

In store before unveil 52%
Online before unveil 24%
Online after unveil 23%
Other 1%

They would like for at least 10% of Model 3 folks to enter their vehicle registration data. This will help make more accurate reports. Thanks!!!


Good for them I guess… We don’t need tax credits, grants or incentives or anything around here though. Just like renewables, I think it’s no longer necessary to subsidise EVs. Why would you when for just 35k you get a cool looking EV with decent range and performance.


It’s nothing new that a company buys cars for (at least some of) their employees (which they’re only allowed to use until their contract ends). Maybe they’re chosing that way because there’s no leasing offer yet?

I’m still waiting for a Megane Z.E.


D. Ross

Let’s see when these cars are actually shipped to the customers… I’m guessing much later then 2017. And if we do reach a point where a majority of the population in North America are driving electric vehicles, how will it effect our hydro rates?

Big Solar

I dont know but hopefully solar will grow exponentially for all the obvious reasons.


It wont affect the rates cause producing gas takes 4 times as much electricity than propelling the car on electrons directly.
So, once we are all driving electric, demand for electricity would actually go down.


Smart PR. Should get them tons of advertising at the cost of the reservations.


Very proud of this British Columbian (don’t start looking in Central America please) company and it’s altruistic stance. BC’s power is 89% hydro electric, so this makes things greener and greener.

angelo festa

It seems to me that in this day of technological wonders, that TESLA should be able to provide its custopmers with what place they occupy in the line up for the 3.
Are you listening, Mr. Musk!