Canada’s Two Largest Charging Station Networks Team Up

APR 13 2015 BY MARK KANE 8

Electric Circuit and VERnetwork Combine Forces

Electric Circuit and VERnetwork Combine Forces

The Electric Circuit and the VERnetwork announced an interoperability project for its charging networks in Canada.

Electric Circuit is the largest public charging network in Québec with nearly 400 stations (including 8 DC fast chargers), while VERnetwork is the largest in Canada with over 700 stations. Both companies are using mostly AddÉnergie charging stations.

Interoperability means that drivers with an access card for either system will soon be able to use it on both, although rates will remain different.

Implementation is scheduled for 2015 and divided into three stages:

“1. In June, members of both networks will be able to use their cards to charge their vehicles at both Electric Circuit and VERnetwork stations.

2. In July, the Electric Circuit and VERnetwork mobile apps will be able to display the stations in both networks and provide all the features currently available in either of the applications (log-in, start-up, real-time tracking of charging, and more).

3. In the fall, all the stations and their status will be displayed on both the Electric Circuit and the VERnetwork Web sites.”

Electric Circuit, in partnership with Nissan Canada, soon will add 25 DC fast chargers, on its own track to have 50 DC fast chargers on main highways and in big cities in Québec by the end of 2016. The number of AC charging stations by the end of 2016 should reach 725.

Electric Circuit and VERnetwork rates

Electric Circuit and VERnetwork rates

Louis Tremblay, president and chief executive officer of ADDÉnergie said:

“This is excellent news for EV drivers. The two biggest charging networks in Canada will be available to anyone having an access card for either one of them: users will have access to almost 1,000 charging stations. The VERnetwork provides charging in all types of parking areas, whether at home, at work or in public places, from British Columbia to the Maritimes! It was crucial to us and our customers to enter into an agreement with the most extensive public charging system in Québec, the Electric Circuit.”

France Lampron, Hydro-Québec’s Director – Transportation Electrification, on behalf of the Electric Circuit partners said:

“We are extremely pleased to offer our members more charging opportunities. With the addition of 150 VERnetwork public charging stations, our 4,000 members will now have access to 550 charging stations across Québec, in addition to those in neighboring provinces. Since its launch in March 2012, the growing popularity of the public charging network with the community of EV drivers has encouraged us to continue to expand the network to meet their needs. In offering all members of both networks access to both the VERnetwork and the Electric Circuit, we are taking another step in the right direction.”

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Fyi, for us here in Québec, it is known as the “CÉ” : Circuit Électrique

Good news btw the interoperability, it is a good step forward


Now, we need a single way of using those all around.
How about credit card, shlick shlack and you’r good to charge.
Too simple, I know.
And tear down those babel protocol into a universal one.
Remember when we use as many different charger as there where phone.
Now USB is good for all.
What a mess there is with all that jam.

The thing is….
It should be mandated by law.

Otherwise we have situation where somebody wont take Your cash, cause You are customer of competition.

Leaf drive says to volt driver

“I sick of these posh tw*ts hogging the chargers for hours on end”

Volt driver to leaf driver

“Oh my god are you p*ssing in that mans charging port!”

EV driver says to troll

“Good luck with your waste of money misinformation campaigns, it’s only a matter of time that consumers see your oil mongering employers for who they really are.”

I thing that u miss under stand me, that was meant as a caption for the image in the article. Obviously more charge point acess is a good thing especially if it is just using what we have more rather than building new.t

What the news doesn’t say, VERnetwork that is own by AddEnergie is also providing the charging infrastructure for Circuit Electrique. It was from technical point of view the same network. Even the e-commerce Web Site is using the same infrastructure.

VERnetwork was targeting enterprise and Malls parking and Circuit Electrique has restaurant partnership, public parking & DCFC (also provided by AddEnergie).

Anyhow, it does make things easier and we don’t have to keep funds in 2 accounts.