Canada Still Gets 2016 Model Year Chevrolet Volt – Arrives In November

SEP 11 2015 BY JAY COLE 20

While 39 states just learned that the 2nd generation, 2016 Chevrolet Volt will not be arriving in the US this Fall – or ever (instead a 2017 model with some “additional content” will bow in the Spring of 2017), Canadians are still in line to receive the first iteration of the 53 mile (85 km) car.

As to why Canada was not pushed back until 2017, we have a couple theories.

* – there seems to already be a lot of 2016 Chevrolet Volts already wandering around Ontario, Canada streets

* – Chevrolet Canada already announced, priced (from $39,990) and took orders for the 2016 Volt

Now, thanks to InsideEVs reader Chris Rowe, who also peppered Chevy Canada with our original report foreshadowing the recently confirmed 2016 model year change of plans, we can also pass along the news that the 2016 Volt will be arriving in showrooms by November/December!

Canadian 2016 Model Year Chevrolet Volts Arrive In November/December

Canadian 2016 Model Year Chevrolet Volts Arrive In November/December

In the US, the 2016 Volt arrives in California this month, followed by CARB states – OR, CT,MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, OR RI, and VT shortly thereafter.  2017 model year Volt production for all of North America begins in February/March 2016.

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Interesting. Well here in Ontario we get an $8,500 rebate. I’m sure it’s a factor.

Of course we also pay 13% HST.

Another theory would be that GM plans all Volt sales primarily around tax credits and, to a lesser extent, green washing.

Wow, what irony.

People in Detroit, even GM employees, can look across the river and see ’16 Volts, but not buy them in their own state.


What? Did the Ambassador Bridge and the Detroit Tunnel Get Washed out in the last storm? Can’t they catch a ride with a friend and drive over and pick one up it they want?

Probably not. I called a dealer in Maryland and they told me as per their allocation agreement they aren’t allowed to sell to non-residents.

3 month delay: that’s 12.5% of a Tesla Delay.


Screw the Volt. In for 2-year 2016 Nissan LEAF lease. Then I’ll see what’s available in late 2017.

If you happen to have leased the Gen I Volt it’s probably a good idea to try a pure EV for a couple of years to see which (PHEV/EV) fits you best.

Unfortunately, they will still probably be hard to find in Canada.

Well congratulations to Canada then. Since I belong to a Hamilton EV car club, I’ll probably get my first personal glimpse of a 2016 Volt in Canada, ironically.

Two things I’m curious about:

1). If driven moderately, what is the actual EV range with the air conditioner and heater off? (I bet over 60 miles)

2). Is the charge limit still 15 amps with the bit larger 3600 watt charger?

Hamilton car club? What is web address?

After billions of tax payer dollars given to GM they still can’t get there act together.


Bizarre … why a small scale production run for 2016 Volt?

One possible explanation is an issue producing a part, (or component) in manufacturing, or an engineering related issue. Perhaps there is motove to make even just a few 2016’s for accounting and other business reasons? (eg: ZEV credit rules and model year production numbers?)

They are putting “additional content” in the 2017 MY. Based on what I’ve read at other sites, its adaptive cruise control (my hopes for auto-pilot were on target but too optimistic). Some have said this is a response to the new Prius having adaptive cruise control as well.

That makes sense for them trying to go toe-to-toe with the Prius.

But it is still no reason to cut ’16 production and limit it to ZEV credit states. No excuse to not make a full production run.

Not having Volts on lots around the country is going to lose more sales to Prius than not having ACC.

I also guess it is probably “is an issue producing a part, (or component) in manufacturing”.

Thank you Jay. I was fretting about this. I’ll sign up for one. Starting a new job with a short commute, can’t stand to drive on gas (the Leaf is used by my wife). My current Lexus IS will be traded in.
We’ll be a two EV household, a Volt is perfect to use for the occasional road trip.