Canada Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales September 2013: Chevy Volt Continues Its #1 Reign


The Chevy Volt remains the plug-in vehicle to beat in Canada as it sold 59 units in September, bringing the YTD total to 656.  Volt sales checked in at 84 units in August.

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Meanwhile, sales of the Nissan LEAF, the typical #2 holder in Canada, checked in at only 36 units.  That’s down from the 56 sold in August.

Tesla Model S sales in Canada are not known for the month of September, but we peg them to be roughly on par with the Volt/LEAF.

The rest of the pack of plug-ins sells in incredibly low volume in Canada. Here’s that September sales breakdown:

  • Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid: 7
  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV: 20 (equalling US result – although Mitsu still ships 2013 product to Canada)

YTD totals for the four reporting plug-ins sold in Canada look like this:

  • Chevy Volt: 656
  • Nissan LEAF: 382
  • Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid: 190
  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV: 148

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If the C-Max Energi has the same 37% mix of all C-Max sales, Canada could have about 45 C-Max Energi Sales for September. Especially since Ford is running the same type incentives in Canada as in the US.

Yeah . . . if I lived in Canada, I’d probably go with the Volt as well. When it gets real cold it can be nice to have something that actually burns stuff.

Can anyone explain WTF is wrong with Canada? Ok, Harper’s in government, but citizens are free to embrace the EV if they so wish. Gas is more expensive than in the US, and AFAIK they do have some sort of government subsidy as well.

Norway with 1/7th the population, buys almost as many EVs in a *month* that Canadians bought in 9 months. Pathetic.

Norway has FAR HIGHER discount.

Norway waves the 25% sales tax.
Free toll, free ferry rides and bus lane access. Also, $10/gallon helps.

If they just waive sales tax for plugins and free bridge toll in SF Bay Area, the Volt and Leaf sales would double!!!!

WTF is wrong with Canada vis-a-vis EV & plug-in sales:

1. We have about 10% of the population of the U.S.
2. Nonexistent advertising for EVs/plug-ins (except occasional floods of LEAF ads)
3. No cheap lease rates
4. No Federal incentives
5. Few, and poorly advertised, Provincial incentives
6. Practically zero public awareness of EVs (all that most people know is that various governments keep installing charging stations – they don’t realize they can buy cars to plug into them since they almost never see any around)
7. Rampant misinformation/disinformation about EVs/plug-ins, just like the States, but compounded by having very few EV people around to fill the fact void. (Every skeptic I’ve talked to about my Volt is convinced I’m losing money owning it, even when I show them that I’ve only used $200 in gas over the last 22 months.)

Try ordering a 2013+ Leaf. It is next to impossible to get one from any LEAF-ready dealer in my area. US production woes are still plaguing us and there’s no relief in sight.

Getting a Tesla is not a problem (got one already) but then again, this is not an option for the bulk of Canadians who would prefer an affordable entry point.

Oh, yes. The Harper government…. that too. Although pointing out their lack of interest is more like beating a dead horse.


What’s wrong with Canadain EV purchases is that there’s simply no supply. The reason only 36 LEAFs were sold in September was that that’s all there is. It’s impossible to by a new 2013 LEAF in Canada currently – I know, I’ve tried. Had an agreement with dealer all set but they simply couldn’t get a car.

For a variety of reasons manufactures are dramatically restricting EV supply to Canada.

I’ve spoken to a lot of Canadian Nissan dealership level people – they have some behind-the-scenes issues with Nissan corporate on the LEAF, been that way ever since the launch. Hopefully, they get it squared away when the ’14s are officially out.

Shaun, Jay,

Thanks for the informative reply. And I’m sorry to hear that Nissan is ICEing you…

Yes, same in Vancouver. Non available :-(.

I first looked at the 2012 model and test drove it last year, and decided I’d buy the 2013 model. I was told they’d arrive in mid August. Upon speaking to two local Nissan dealers around my area (GTA), I was told they had none and to just wait another month for 2014 models. Well, September has also come and gone and still no 2014 Nissan Leafs in GTA.

Truly embarassing for Nissan as a whole. That volt is starting to look tempting…