Canada Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales October 2013 – Chevy Volt Still on Top


Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt

The Chevy Volt remains the plug-in vehicle to beat in Canada as it sold 62 units in October, bringing the YTD total to 718. Volt sales checked in at 59 units in September.

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Meanwhile, sales of the Nissan LEAF, the typical #2 holder in Canada, checked in at only 30 units. That’s down from the 32 sold in September.

Tesla Model S sales in Canada are not precisely known for the month of October, but we peg them to be roughly in between the Volt and LEAF.  Model S sales in Canada have consistently been between 40 and 60 units over the past 4 months.  We don’t expect October to break much from the norm.

The rest of the pack of plug-ins sells in incredibly low volume in Canada. Here’s that October sales breakdown:

Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid: 7
Mitsubishi i-MiEV: 12

YTD totals for the four reporting plug-ins sold in Canada look like this:

Chevy Volt: 718
Nissan LEAF: 412
Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid: 197
Mitsubishi i-MiEV: 160

Canada still has yet to warm up to the plug-in vehicle.  Aside from the Chevy Volt, no other plug-in routinely eclipses even 50 sales in a single month.  Hopefully, the Canadian mindset will change soon and sales will boom as a result.

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Not sure if this paints the full picture – supply is definitely constrained at least to a certain degree in Canada. Nissan hardly made any 2013 Leafs available in Canada, from what I’ve heard. What comes first, the supply or the demand?


That’s true, no Leaf or very very little available. The next expected Leaf will be available in January 2014 or February 2014. Prospective purchasers must wait. Unrelated to the cold climate

The Volt is ideally suited for the cold Canadian climate, with the range extender periodically powering on to heat the battery and cabin.


The canadian westcoast is waiting on the 2014 models, 2013 still hard to find.

Plus considering that the 2014 models will include the 6.6kw charger in ALL level models, plus backup camera, and all for $1000 less than the 2013s you begin to realize why 2013s aren’t too plentiful…

Seems odd that plug-ins have not been more popular in Canada. With gasoline prices typically $1 more/gallon than the US, you’d think they’d be all over it. (Yes I know EV prices may be higher in Canada, and electricity too, but still)

Again, it’s a question of supply, not demand.
In Quebec, we have a point of sale rebait of $8k on volts and leafs and still, you cant sell what you dont have.

At least one i-MiEV sold in October! I picked up my 2012 Premium (apparently the last premium packaged i-MiEV in Ontario) on the 26th, and it now sits next to my 2012 Volt in the garage. Great little city car. Some of us in Canada are buying and spreading the EV word. 😉

Just picked up a Leaf in October and we simply love it! Handled -10 quite well and even allowed us to pack 5 adults and 3 big suitcases in the back although going 110 km/h and with all the weight did make the range take a hit but it has allowed us to do all our city driving and more. On a warmer Chinook day I wanna take it out to Canmore and Banff ~100 km from Calgary with 90 amp level 2 charger which should make for a good day trip. 😀 I think the biggest issue lack of education on what EVs are, that they can handle the cold, not understanding range is more than adequate for 2nd/3rd car or city car,cost less with gas savings and maintenance over lifetime, and most importantly are fun to drive. Also lack of a federal tax credit means only BC, Ontario, and Quebec have some form of Provincial tax credits and the MSRP are generally higher here too. All in all lack of education, but I am letting as many people as I know test drive one and give them all the info so they can then spread what they know… Read more »