Canada Plug In Electric Vehicle Sales November – Chevy Volt Still #1 As Sales More Than Double


Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt

Canada’s plug-in sales king can’t be knocked off its pedestal.

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

The Chevy Volt remains the #1 selling plug-in vehicle in Canada with sales shooting up to 133 units in November.  133 might sound low, but only 62 were sold in October and the Volt was #1 then too.  In terms of YTD figures, the Volt sits at 851 units, which is off pace compared to the 1,225 sold in Canada in 2012.

The runner-up in November was most likely the Tesla Model S.  Though we don’t have an exact figure for Model S sales in Canada last month, we do know that Tesla has sold ~60 units per month from April through September.  We fully expect that trend to have continued into both October and November, so we’re putting the Model S in the #2 spot.  YTD figures for the Model S in Canada (excluding the unknown amounts for October and November) is 504 units.

In 3rd place for November sales was the Nissan LEAF with 30 units sold.  YTD figures for the LEAF are 442, which is a substantial improvement over the 240 LEAFs sold in all of 2012.

Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid sales were just 10 units in November.  YTD is now at 207, compared to 63 sold in all of 2012.

We’re still waiting on Mitsubishi i-MiEV sales figures, but like the plug-in Prius, sales of the Mitsu are consistently low.  We figure i-MiEV sales to be approximately 15 to 20 units, which means it most likely place just above the Prius. (Official i-MiEV figures are in and guess what?  15 units were sold.  *Pats self on back for getting that estimate spot on.)

*We’ll update this post are official figures for the i-MiEV come in. (UPDATED)

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Take note that one dealer in Quebec (Bourgeois Chevrolet) sold 18 VOLTs. Out of those, 12 VOLTs are slightly used Car imported directly by the dealer from the U.S (10 delivered to owners living in Quebec and 2 in New Brunswick) .

So that makes up 145 VOLTs sold in Canada in November (GM Canada does not include the slightly used VOLT’s in its stats.).

Also, out of those 145 VOLTs, 99 were delivered in Quebec (89 reported to me by a GM Canada official and 10 from the slightly used VOLTs). Quebec represents only 21% percent of the Canadian population!

For me, it’s hard to understand why it’s so low in the Rest of Canada. Especially in BC and Ontario, the numbers should be much higher!

It’s not hard to understand – the rest of us don’t have such cheap hydro as QC 😉

..fact remains that EV km are still at least 2.5-5x cheaper than gas km, but for you guys it’s even better, makes it an even sweeter deal.

Of those volts, the remainder were probably mostly in ON, due to our $8231 credit.
But the recent news release of forecasted electricity rates rising may put some people off (those who don’t do the math to see what I mentioned above – even with a 100% increase in electricity prices, it’s still cheaper per km. Just might take longer to get a ROI/break-even to justify your purchase)

Good for Canada. I believe Canada still owns some of GM so they are wise to support GM. PHEVs are also probably much more practical than pure EVs up the Great White North.

Electricity prices account for only maybe a couple hundred $’s difference a year. Savings on gas still up in the 1-2 thousand D’s a year. Quebec is doing something right- could be their rebate, though Ontario’s is quite high too. Rest of Canada should learn from Quebec!

Any numbers for Ford plug in sales? According to the canadian website, they sell the FFE and the Fusion Energi there.

Why no monthly sales chart for Canada? Why treat Canada like a second-class citizen? Where’s the love?

I’m too burned out after doing the US report to take on Canada the next day – maybe if they moved reporting to mid-month, (=

Thanks Driverguy01! That’s a great website, lots of stats and lots of charts. 🙂