Canada Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales January 2014


Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt

Proving time and time again to be Canada’s most popular plug-in vehicle, the Chevy Volt maintained its #1 sales spot in January.  It seems the Volt simply can’t be knocked out of the #1 spot.

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

  • Chevy Volt: 66 units sold in January 2014  – 44 in January 2013 –   11 in January 2012
  • Nissan LEAF: 41 units sold in January 2014 – 37 in January 2013  – 30 in January 2012
  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV: 8 units sold in January 2014 – 4 in January 2013 – 12 in January 2012
  • Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid: 4 units sold in January 2014  – 33 in January 2013
  • Tesla Model S: Figures not yet available for January 2014 – 15 in January 2013

We estimate Model S sales to be i the 30 to 40-unit range for January 2014.  Ford does not split out its plug-in sales monthly (full year 2013 can be found below)

In terms of 2013 YTD numbers, here’s how plug-ins fared last year in Canada:

  • Chevy Volt –  931
  • Tesla Model S –  610
  • Nissan LEAF –   470
  • Toyota Prius Plug In –  212
  • Ford C-Max Energi – 199
  • Ford Focus Electric – 158
  • Mitsubsihi i-MiEV –  168
  • Ford Fusion Energi – 116

(estimates for the smart ED are about 250 units for 2013)

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If it wasn’t for me, Volt’s YTD would’ve been 930… 🙂

Yikes, only (4) PiPs.

The PiP is only available in Canada on paper.

There are never any in showrooms or in dealer lots. If you try to order one they’ll try to talk you out of it because the wait can easily be six months.

As for the 41 LEAFs sold, that’s probably 90%, if not 100% of what Nissan delivered to Canada. At least two of those were for customers that placed orders back in September.

What does the 2013 YTD number mean if we’re now in 2014? Is that 2013 and including January 2014?

No those should just be year totals – no YTD title…as a rule generally the year ends in December.

/fixed, thanks

Ahh, okay thanks Jay!

I wonder what C-MAX Energi, Ford Energi and Focus Electric sales are in Canada.

For 2013 1,383 C-Max were sold with 63 for Jan 2014. But can’t find a breakdown for Hybrid vs Energi models.

But don’t expect Ford to lease many at $674/mo. Yikes!

Canada is roughly 90% the size of California, in terms of both population and size of the economy. I thought EV numbers there would be much better.

You’re right, it would have been better, at least here in Québec, even motivated dealers can’t supply the demand for those EV / PHEV potential buyers, that lead us to as for:

.. to ask for ..

Our prices are 25 percent more on EVs. And Supply and selection is tiny compared to Cali. And with our dollar going down against US dollar, it will get worse for EVs this year. I predict fewer EV sales in Canada this year.