Canada Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales August 2013; Chevy Volt Still #1


Nissan LEAFs Ready to be Sold

Nissan LEAFs Ready to be Sold

The Chevy Volt remains the plug-in vehicle to beat in Canada as it sold 84 units in August, bringing the YTD total to 597.

Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt

Now, before you get to thinking that 84 is too low to put the Volt on top of the podium, consider that sales of the Nissan LEAF, the typical #2 holder in Canada, checked in at only 56 units.

Even at 56, LEAF sales were up by 180% compared to August 2012, so there are signs of growth north of the border.

Tesla Model S sales in Canada are not yet known for the month of August, but we’d guess them to be roughly on par with the Volt/LEAF.

The rest of the pack of plug-ins sells in incredibly low volume in Canada.  Here’s that August sales breakdown:

  • Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid: 21
  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV: 20

YTD totals for the four reporting plug-ins sold in Canada look like this:

  • Chevy Volt: 597
  • Nissan LEAF: 346
  • Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid: 183
  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV: 128

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15 Comments on "Canada Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales August 2013; Chevy Volt Still #1"

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as they say in Canada…..
Woooooo hooooo – Go Volt !

Driving a Volt is the place to be 🙂

Canada really needs to get their act together. EV sales there are pathetic.

Just to back you comment with some numbers David.

With 149,301 total auto sales in August, the plug-ins (231 assuming 50 for Tesla) took 0.15% of the market. Compared to 0.6% of the market in the US (10,000 of 1.47 million). So in comparison they are selling at 1/4 the rate of the US.

Oh David, I’ve got my head under the sheets in case you describe Australian EV sales numbers of last month.

And we are this Saturday about to vote in a government that is to the right of Genghis Khan on climate change and fossil fuel policies. We are going to be mightily embarrassed next year on the world stage when we take the chair and host the G20.

Canada doesn’t have a federal incentive, and only three of the ten provinces do, which goes a ways in explaining the low sales. Although the three provinces with incentives are the three largest provinces. I don’t see any prospect of anything at the federal level before the 2015 election.

Up until the recent discounts it would have cost an even $50k to drive a Volt of the lot here in NB. With the $5000 cash credit it is still around $44k. Even with the $8000 incentive in Ontario you’re only down to $36k. I’m not sure whether incentives are pre or post tax. As we saw in the US with the new discounts, people are price sensitive.

Btw Ford is not available in Canada?

Like US, they break it out later…we will update when it comes (but it won’t be a lot)

Just so you know, a lot of canandians are waiting the Leaf 2013. Nissan didin’t deliver a lot so far. So numbers should be much higher if the offer was matching the demand.

As a Canadian, I think these numbers reflect the high MSRP and lack of tax rebates available for EVs. It’s just too hard to justify the extra expense at this point.

Here in Quebec, there is no taxe incentive but there is an instant $8000 government price cut off the total after the sales taxe have been applied. Even so, sales are poor. And to the best of my knowledge, half of the EVs sold in Canada, are sold in Quebec.
You would think with gas price at $1.50/litre ( $7.00/gallon) they would fly off the lot but they are not.
But again, Quebec is an econobox dreamland.
Obviously, the price of petrol is not enough of an incentive to go electric.
Winter here is harch and beeing stuck in traffic for an hour or more on the way to and from work with the heater on high can take a toll on range in a BEV. And heavy rushhour traffic is a regular occurrence here.
So to sum it up, range and price tag IS the solution to EV adoption and it has little to do with gas price.

leaf sucks drove it, crap compared to volt and it looks like crap

I have not seen one dealer advertise the $8k rebate provided by the Ontario government. All are advertised at list price. My local dealer sells about 1 Volt per month. The rebate seems to be a deep dark secret and the dealers just don’t push the car.

Oh, and a couple of my work friends bought new cars and I tried to talk them into a Volt. They both were aware of the $8k rebate, and the huge savings in gas, but still the car was too expensive for them. One bought a Honda and the other a Ford.

Congrats Volt!!

Ford sold 141 C-Max in Canada for August. Actually Ford was the #1 selling brand in Canada for the month. Expect at least 1/3 or 47 of those sales to be Energi models. Ford also sold 1,899 Fusion where there will also be Energi models in the total also.

Canada is a nice lease deal going on in July, in conjunction with incentives. One owner reports taht with the $5808 rebate from the province of Ontario and the 0% lease rate, the Energi is less than the regular C-Max hybrid ($437/month vs $485/month, Package 303A with Panoramic Roof, 48 months, 25,000 km/year).

So there should be Canada C-Max/Fusion Energi sales numbers to include in the report.

For the time being, the Globe & Mail is reporting sales of 63 units for the the Fusion Energi, C-Max Energi and Focus EV.

See here: