Canada Plug-In Electric Car Sales March 2016


2016 Chevrolet Volt

2016 Chevrolet Volt

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

It’s time once again to take a look at plug-in electric car sales in Canada.

Less and less automakers report plug-in electric car sales in Canada now, so the list of vehicles below has dwindled down significantly to just a few of the major models. No matter, a very few models still make up the bulk of the plug-in sales.

The Chevrolet Volt, after selling 102 units in February, sold an impressive 246 units in March.

Meanwhile, sales of the Nissan LEAF were just 51 in February, but jumped to 98 in March.

The Model S was #1 for 8 out of 12 months in 2015 in Canada and it ended the year with 224 units sold in December (#1 for the month) and 2,010 YTD (#1 for the year), but January saw sales fall to only 47 units. February’s results were higher at 88 units sold. March sales figures for the Model S are not available at this time.

Cadillac sold only 1 ELR last month in Canada, while Mitsubishi sold 7 i-MiEVs.

Unfortunately, those are the only known figures for plug-in electric car sales in March at this time. Additional registration data will fill in some of the blanks at a later date.

*Some sales data via Good Car Bad Car

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I-MIEV crushed the ELR! haha

a slightly far cry from really enviroment conscious Scandinavia,Holland etc…..

You could almost say, the dumb people left Europe for Canada and the US. With the US getting the dumbest.

Is that why Tesla and Chevy are US brands while Europe makes VW? Ok. I’ll give you BMW i series as something good, but not nearly the level of Tesla, or even Chevy SparkEV (bang for buck sense).

One major stupid thing about US (among many) is that they actively try to kick out smart people who came to study in US and got masters and doctorate instead of enticing them to stay. It’s a miracle that guys who started Tesla, Google, and much of tech sector were allowed to stay. But fear not, rest of the world; as US xenophobia take hold, it will turn more to idiocracy.

Ontario’s 14 k EV credit will do wonders for Volt Bolt and model 3 sales.

Volt’s numbers look impressive, since they’ve already Had the new model.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk – originally from South Africa, graduated from university in Canada.