Canada Plug-In Electric Car Sales April 2016



2016 Chevrolet Volt

2016 Chevrolet Volt

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

It’s time once again to take a look at plug-in electric car sales in Canada.

Less and less automakers report plug-in electric car sales in Canada now, so the list of vehicles below has dwindled down significantly to just a few of the major models. No matter, a very few models still make up the vast majority of the plug-in sales.

The Chevrolet Volt, after selling an impressive 246 units in March, followed that up with even more sold in April. 260 to be precise.

Meanwhile, while sales of the Nissan LEAF were just 98 in March, that figure jumped all the way up to 152 in April.

The Model S was #1 for 8 out of 12 months in 2015 in Canada and it ended the year with 224 units sold in December (#1 for the month) and 2,010 YTD (#1 for the year), but January saw sales fall to only 47 units. February’s results were higher at 88 units sold. March was a breakout month for the Model S with 325 sold. Figures for April are not yet available, but they will be significantly lower (in line with US results that saw Tesla performing a lot of assembly facility and Model X QC work in April) – we estimate between 50-75 units sold in April

Cadillac sold ZERO ELRs last month in Canada, while Mitsubishi sold 14 i-MiEVs.

BMW i sales (i3 and i8 combined) checked in at 67 units in April.

Unfortunately, those are the only known figures for plug-in electric car sales in April at this time. Additional registration data will fill in some of the blanks at a later date.

*Some sales data via Good Car Bad Car & Green Car Reports

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David Murray

The biggest surprise was the 14 i-Mievs.


Yeah . . . holy smokes. That thing probably goes like 40 miles in winter.


From greencarreports few days ago,

“Finally, the Kia Soul EV continued its strength, selling 50 units in March, while Ford sold 16 Focus Electrics and the Chevy Spark notched four sales.”

It seems practically free SparkEV lease result in over 400 sales in US, but costing more than base Leaf result in 4 sales in Canada.

Jay Cole

…but what did they say about April? (=


Don’t be a fool ? +)


Whoa! I missed that! Headline was Apr. 2016 Canada sales, so my brain skipped over the obvious.


Something else to note is that inventory according to autotrader is down to 390 from about 490 in early May. It might be start of the end.

Jay Cole

No worries, there will be more than ~390 more sold, GM has more penned up…and as it turns out, 2016 production runs through late August 2016 in South Korea. Unfortunately, that is an extremely long run, and there is no pickup listing for the Fall/2017 that I can see. Looks like a bridge is being built to the Bolt EV, and that is it.


Government subvention for EV is not even enough for removing all the amount of the taxes. They put the taxes on the full price of the car before they apply the so call subvention. There is no real subvention on the price of the car. They should apply them taxes after they applied the reduction on the car. Them Evs are still too expensives for the zero emission they give.


yes the tax calculations are just plain wrong IMHO. It should be calculated on the reduced price, after incentives, rather than on the MSRP.

Anyway, whether or not EVs are still too expensive is subjective. I used to do all the maintenance work on my old gas cars. I can tell you, without a doubt, that the absence of the need to change brakes, fluid changes, timing belts, O2 sensors, tracking down weird engine noises, air filter and mass airflow sensor cleanings, is well worth the price of an EV. It’s not just the cost of the parts, but the cost of YOUR TIME to do this crap. Time that can now be used to spend with your kids or your significant other.


I like Canadians because they don’t like BMW i *****.


When will we get Canada Sales for May 2016?


courtesy Mitsubishi at the Calgary auto mall has the I miev


I know asked for luka I had a great experience at courtesy mitsubishi