Canada Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales November 2014

Nissan LEAF


Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt

It’s time once again to take a look at plug-in electric vehicle sales in Canada.

And this time, for the month of November, the LEAF retained its #1 spot.

The Chevy Volt had been the reigning champ for what seems like forever, but in October and now November, the Nissan LEAF came out on top.

Nissan LEAF sales checked in at 103 units sold in Canada in November (10 less than the 113 sold in August, September and Octobe ).

For the LEAF, this is the only seventh time ever that sales have topped 100 in Canada (May 2014: 101; June 2014: 104; July 117; August 113; September 113; October 113).

The 117 units sold in July still is the single-month record for Nissan LEAF sales in Canada. YTD, LEAF sales are now at 1,021 units in Canada, compared to 470 sold in the whole of 2013.  2014 marks the first time ever that LEAF sales exceed 1,000 units in a single calendar year in Canada.

Meanwhile, sales of the Chevrolet Volt checked in at only 58 units in Canada in November, a decline compared to the 107 sold in October. YTD, 1,459 Volts have been sold in Canada, easily besting the 913 sold in all 0f 2013.

Tesla Emblem On Model S

Tesla Emblem On Model S

Tesla Model S sales figures aren’t available in Canada at this time. Estimating a figure is rather difficult, given the wild swings we’ve seen thus far in terms of monthly sales this year. However, we suspect that we can safely say that in November, Model S sales were in the 25 to 100-unit range. Known Tesla Model S sales figures for the year in Canada are as follows:

  • January: 20
  • February: 19
  • March: 119
  • April: 71
  • May: 61
  • June: 104
  • July:48
  • August: 25
  • September: 194
  • October: 37

YTD excluding November: 698

We don’t yet have figures for BMW i3 in its seventh month of availability in Canada, but in its first six months it sold a total of 172 units and never less than 22 in a single month, nor higher than 34 in a month. So, let’s say that i3 sales in November were ~30.

Smart Fortwo ED sales in July checked in at a rather remarkable 79 units, followed by an even more spectacular 133 sold in August. Smart ED sales then fell to only 69 in September, followed by only 9 in October.  November’s results are not yet available for the electric Smart.

Here are the rest of the November results from the typically low-volume sellers in Canada:

  • Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid: 5 (73 YTD)
  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV: 4 (102 YTD)
  • Cadillac ELR: 5 (YTD 41)

Ford’s PHEV sales are unknown for November at this time. Typical monthly volume is ~ 20 C-Max Energis and ~10 Fusion Energis. Likewise, Focus Electric sales are small, in the single digits most months.

In terms of total 2013 numbers, here’s how plug-ins fared in Canada:

  • Chevy Volt – 931
  • Tesla Model S – 638
  • Nissan LEAF – 470
  • Smart Fortwo Electric Drive – 222
  • Toyota Prius Plug In – 212
  • Ford C-Max Energi – 199
  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV – 177
  • Ford Fusion Energi – 116
  • Ford Focus Electric – 103
  • Cadillac ELR – 4

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8 Comments on "Canada Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales November 2014"

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Nissan could have a lot more sales if they had some inventory. I was talking to a co-worker the other day and he went to the local Nissan dealership to lease a leaf and he was turned away saying they can’t get a leaf anytime soon. Our local BMW dealer isn’t a I dealer and I’ve heard of GM dealers having to import Volts From the US since GM Canada won’t stock enough for Canadian sales.

I talked to Mercedes Canada about the BEV B series and they are not bringing it to Canada.

There is a lot more demand in Canada than the sales show.

Maybe a Nissan dealership or two will start importing used LEAFs from south of the border as well. The majority were leased and those leases have been coming to an end.

Nothing on the Kia Soul?

Good question. I noticed that only some dealerships are selling the Soul EV. Kinda annoying since I’m within walking distance of one that doesn’t.

So far, Kia Soul EV – for sale at Richmond Hill Kia. One pre-order sold by them.

Also at least one Porsche Cayenne S e-hybrid.

194 Model S sales in September means this is now the third month in a row that the Volt has not been the top seller in Canada, after a long run.

I really believe it’s just inventory constraints. They’re very difficult to find.

Bought Nissan Leaf in November.
Would have preferred a KIA Soul EV (greater range) but was told by a few dealers that only 4 in the GTA were qualified ev dealers. Finally test drove one an hour from home.
Then test drove a leaf, available at all Nissan dealers. Decided that night, Tuesday, to buy it. Took delivery Friday, November 7th.
1600 km later, LOVE IT. More importantly, my wife loves it (it is her car).