Canada Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales July 2014


2015 Nissan LEAFs Now Available In Canada

2015 Nissan LEAFs Now Available In Canada

It’s time once again to take a look at plug-in electric vehicle sales in Canada.

No surprise in that the Chevy Volt was, once again, the #1 selling plug-in vehicle in Canada for the month of July. Sales of the Volt checked in at 132 units in Canada in July.

The Nissan LEAF trailed this figure only slightly with 117 units sold.  For the LEAF, this is the third time that sales have topped 100 in Canada (May 2014: 101; June 2014: 104.)  More impressively, the 117 units sold in July is a new single-month record for Nissan LEAF sales in Canada.

From the YTD perspective, Volt sales after the first 7 months of the year are now at 963, wheras LEAF sales are only at 579 YTD.

Tesla Model S sales figures aren’t available in Canada at this time. Estimating a figure is rather difficult, given the wild swings we’ve seen thus far in terms of monthly sales this year. Known Tesla Model S sales figures for the year in Canada are as follows:

2013 Model S Pricing In Canada

2014 Model S Pricing In Canada

  • January: 20
  • February: 19
  • March: 119
  • April: 71
  • May: 61
  • June: 104
  • YTD excluding July:  394

The BMW i3, in its third month of availability in Canada, sold only 34 units (84 YTD) , while Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid sales were just 4 units last month in Canada (51 YTD).

Aside from the Volt, LEAF, Model S, BMW i3 and Prius Plug-In, there are the others, all of which are consistently low-volume sellers:

  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV: 15
  • Cadillac ELR: 5
  • Smart Fortwo ED: No data

We’ll have updated data on Ford’s plug-in vehicles soon, as the automaker releases those numbers for Canada on a semi-annual basis.

In terms of total 2013 numbers, here’s how plug-ins fared in Canada:

Chevy Volt – 931
Tesla Model S – 638
Nissan LEAF – 470
Smart Fortwo Electric Drive – 222
Toyota Prius Plug In – 212
Ford C-Max Energi – 199
Mitsubishi i-MiEV – 177
Ford Fusion Energi – 116
Ford Focus Electric – 103
Cadillac ELR – 4

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They would sell more if manufacturers would actually ship more to Canada.

People have to wait months to get the electric car they want, which isn’t the best way to sell a car.

Dealers that have an “electric” inventory are VERY few.

Yep. I was ready to buy a volt a good 7-10 days before final factory order acceptance in April.
They said they weren’t making any more to be shipped to Canada.

Extreme cold weather driving and space heating options are probably very important to Canadian drivers. With the Volt sporting a ICE backup generator, that really gives it an edge over pure BEV’s if it needs to be a year-round vehicle.

I recall a GM-Volt forum member who had a Volt up in northern Saskatchewan and started a message thread reporting early results of his winter driving experiences. I lost track of that thread and never heard how the experience panned out.

I totally agree on that.

With hold mode you just fire up the ICE for some free heat and save the electric for later.

Just so you know, most of the Volt sold, and probably the Leaf, but that I am only guessing, are sold in Quebec.

In French:

… And even with that kind of demand, manufacturers don’t stock inventory of those cars.

Even if we have a rough climate at times, we also have the cheapest and the best electric network in Quebec !

You guys nave lots of clean Hydro electricity.
Seems like you should be buying EV’s like crazy.

Is it because of a lack of subsidies?

I really depends of the province. In Quebec and Ontario, there are large subsidies, around 8k$ a car, while it is now over in BC and I don’t think other provinces have subsidies.

Cheap Hydro is true in BC, Manitoba, Quebec, but not everywhere. Still, I don’t understand why people who got 2 cars at home don’t switch for an EV as a 2nd (1st) vehicule.

No federal subsidies though, as the Conservatives are great friend of the oil and gas companies…

Interesting that the piP is selling so poorly.

How does the regular Prius sell in Canada?

It’s not a matter of demand, there is none to buy! There is a 4000 to 8000$ rebate on electric vehicules, so not really a matter of $$. Gas is 6$/gallon here. But still, electric cars are HARD to find.

Not poor sales, it’s poor stocks!

Wondering how ‘used’ LEAF registerations are doing in Canada? With a large supply of more ECOnomically priced ‘used’ LEAFs just south of the boarder, suspect imports of ‘used’ models is on the upswing in Canada. (BC, ON, & PQ would be first provinces to check as indicators, being they have the most early PEV adopters)

My suspicions are based on seeing July numbers from Norway showing 60% new and 40% used LEAFs being registered. New vehicle sales reports don’t cover used imports.

Grouping by manufacture, Ford is doing quite well with 418 PEVs sold, placing it 4th in a top ranking list.

For comparison:
CAN – USA –––– model ––
931 – 2020 – Volt EREV
638 – 500* – Model S BEV … *est. and partial month
470 – 3019 – LEAF BEV
222 – 298 – Smart ED
212 – 1371 – Prius Plug In PHEV
199 – 831 – C-Max Energi PHEV
177 – ..17 – i-MiEV BEV
116 – 1226 – Fusion Energi PHEV
103 – 198 – Focus BEV

Of note 103 Focus EVs sold in Canada vs. 198 in USA, as are the Volt numbers. Both very impressive, and unexpected numbers!

Why so impressive? Canadian’s population is ~1/10 of USA (~35 vs ~319 million). Overall on a per capita basis Canada PEV sales are doing quite well.

eg: Volt: would only expect 200-400, but almost 50% of USA!?! Similarly, the Focus and Smart EVs over 50% of USA numbers! The iMiEV is unique in having 10x higher sales (100x per-capita). The LEAF is not doing poorly based on per-capita sales, just the other PEV sales are so much better than the USA.

Oops … just realized I compared “total 2013 numbers” to US’s July numbers! Time for bed. 🙁

(1/10th the population, but 12x the number of months)

When I went to purchase a Leaf here in Ontario I noticed a few things:

1. When you use the Canadian version of Find a Dealer you can filter by Leaf. So even though we have a dealer within walking distance of our house we ended up buying from a dealer much further away.

2. The only test drive vehicle at the dealer was a 2011 Leaf.

3. Choosing a colour was basically a list of preferences. (Mind you this is for the 2015 MY) so the dealer would basically try to get their hands on a Leaf from somewhere in the system and hopefully it would be near the top of your list.

4. The comment from the sales person was basically that as soon as a Leaf would come in it would be sold or would already be spoken for.

5. He appeared to be the only sales person responsible for Leaf sales.

That is exactly what is happening when someone tries to buy an electric car here.

About an $8000 Ontario rebate, not tax credit, helps move plug ins in the populous province. Cheap electricity or “hydro” helps in Quebec and other parts of Ontario. And higher than US gas prices. One aspect of Canada is they can import used cars from the USA easier than buying new. Used Volts and Leafs can make it across the border to also bolster plug in sales that are not trackable as new. But apparently, importing a Tesla Model S is harder to do than other plug ins. It seems to need some sort of changes that are not possible at the service centers?

Maybe the Ontario $8,500.00 rebate at purchase or at lease (3 year. Lease required for full $8,500 rebate), as well as the additional $1,000.00 for home charging stations ($500 for hardware, $500 for installation) helps. Plus, if you can’t install it at home, it can be installed at workplace, and employer can get the installation rebate part! 🙂

Something that I don’t understand is that there is no disclosure about any Porsche Panamera S-E ever sold in Canada? Do you think that because it is really 0, or because we don’t have the number? No one ever bought a Panamera plug-in ever in Canada?!