Canada Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales February 2014 – Chevy Volt Still #1


Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt

Hail to the Chevrolet Volt – Canada’s constant #1 selling plug-in vehicle.

We can’t even recall the last time the Chevy Volt wasn’t #1 on the plug-in sales chart in Canada.  Sometime in 2012 for sure, but that’s so long ago that it’s ancient history now.

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

With sales results now in for February, we see that the Volt is the clear leader once again.  (Ford numbers not available yet)

  • Chevy Volt: February  2014 – 98 units   Feb 2013 – 51 units   Feb 2012 – 07 units
  • Nissan LEAF: February 2014 – 64 units  Feb 2013 – 37 unit   Feb 2012 –  18 units
  • Tesla Model S: February 2014 – ~20 units  Feb 2013 – 32 units
  • Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid: February – 2014 – 04 units   Feb 13 – 25 units  Feb 2012 – N/A
  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV February 2014 – 04  Feb 2013 – 5 units Feb 2012 – 20 units

Ford does not split out its plug-in sales monthly, but 2013 results are below.

In terms of 2013 numbers, here’s how plug-ins fared in Canada:

  • Chevy Volt – 931
  • Tesla Model S – 610
  • Nissan LEAF – 470
  • Toyota Prius Plug In – 212
  • Ford C-Max Energi – 199
  • Ford Focus Electric – 158
  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV – 168
  • Ford Fusion Energi – 116

(estimates for the smart ED are  ~250 units for 2013)

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Considering the weather, a PHEV is probably the best way to go plug-in for most Canadians (unless they have the money for an 85KWH Model S).

Even the 85KWH Model S isn’t going to work as well in many parts of Canada. Driving from Vancouver to Toronto means using the Supercharger network would mean a little detour to Los Angeles.

By year-end (2014), the Canadian Supercharging network will allow a Tesla to drive Vancouver, BC to Calgary, AB and Windsor, ON to Quebec City, QB.

Vancouver, BC to Toronto, ON will still require crossing the US boarder, but with just a slightly longer distance, and similar time to an ICE traveling the Trans-Canada Highway. (BC-WA-ID-WY-MT-SD-MN-WI-IL-IA-MI-ON)

How many people usually drive from Vancouver to Toronto generally in ICE? Then throw in the few who buy MS. Then determine of that set who usually drives from V to T. Maybe three?

The whole national driving coast to coast is something very few of the general public do except during vacation times. More likely for GTA people to run north to Hudson bay and cottage country in the summer. That is where you might need more charging.

I’ve driven across the country a few times. I don’t have stats to answer your question, but maybe Tesla does for you — it is Tesla that pushes the Coast to Coast capability and the media follows with stuff like this: More likely than cross country trips are regional trips. For me, this most likely is from Portland OR to Helena MT to visit family. I can’t do this on the Supercharger network. There are similar big gaps now in more populated places than that example like driving between St.Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Salt Lake Dallas, Atlanta. This doesn’t work now but will in the future. It is the same story in Canada, just a slower buildout. It will be a very long time before someone in Calgary or Edmonton can do anything but drive toward Vancouver on this Network. It would be frustrating to have such a nice car, but then have to downgrade to something not as nice for my road trips. I see it as a reason to hold off buying until that is worked out. I think the idea of the Network is great, but as a selling point today there are many people that… Read more »

So for 2013 Ford was #3 with plug-in vehicles in Canada.

Outselling Nissan 473 to 470.

that picture of the leaf ruined the blog post, EW!

but go volt!


Volt stays true to the Chevy legacy of making all their cars ugly and boring!

Someone needs to get glasses.
The Volt is quite a nice looking car,
techy but not EV weirdo crazy looking.
GM still has style on the Volt.